Designing a Mobile

What mobile features a needed for a particular lifestyle?

A businessman that travels around the world. He goes on long flights and gets very bored

  • GPS - for navigating once he has arrived at the country
  • NFC - so if he is in a rush he can make quick transactions
  • A large screen size - so he can watch movies and play games when he gets bored
  • Quad band - so his internet works all over the world
  • External storage - to store movies on as they take up a lot of memory

A young person that listens to lots of music, watches videos and likes to share photos with friends

  • A large screen - watching films will be more enjoyable
  • External storage - to store more music and videos plus it makes sharing photos easier
  • Bluetooth - because it is another way to share music
  • WiFi - so they can stream music off of the internet e.g. YouTube

A phone that a caring mother wants to give to her son to help keep him safe and know where he is

  • GPS - So if he gets lost he can find his way to a particular place e.g. home, bus stop, train station
  • Bluetooth - so her phone can find his
  • Long battery life - so he is more likely so always be able to contact his mother

A salesman who makes lots of calls and travels the country

  • GPS - he can find where he is and be able to chose a specific destination
  • Bluetooth - so he can use hands-free when he is driving