Peter The Great

Domenic Minando

Peter's Personality

  • Peter The Great was all about what was good for him, he was selfish.
  • Peter threw grand parties and expected the men and women to dance together.
  • He also had forced people to wear nothing but westernized clothing or else they'd be punished
  • It was said when his elite palace guards revolted to his orders, over 1,000 of them were executed. And to make it even worse he left their dead corpses outside the palace to rot.


  • Created the largest army in Europe
  • Improved the education by simplifying the Russian alphabet
  • He worked hard and not only created the large army but he improved his army as well


  • He replaced the old attire with westernized clothing
  • Anyone who owned land had to serve in the army
  • He forced the boyars to shave their beard

Interesting Facts

  • He rued as an absolute monarch giving him all the power
  • He successfully made the military more powerful
  • He took over the throne when he was only 10 years old