DIARY of a Wimpy Kid DOG DAYS

By: Jeff Kinney


Greg, the main character and a picky person.

Rodrick, Greg's brother and a punk.

Manny, another brother of Greg and loves his blanket called tingy.

Mom, who is overprotective and Greg's mom.

Dad, who is angry at Greg a LOT.

Rowley, Greg's best friend.


A town in the summer, the beach, the town pool, Greg's house, and country club.


It was a summer and Greg's family can't go to the beach this year. Greg gets upset because he really wanted to go on the Uranium Shaker, a ride on the boardwalk. Greg was sad but he did go to the Country Club with Rowley to hang out at the pool. Every day they would get smoothies and chill until one day Rowley said that his dad had a bill from the smoothies and Greg needed to pay half of it. The sum was $82.00! Greg had to think of a way to make money and so did Rowley. We started a lawn service but Rowley walked out on the first day! Greg hasn't talked to him since.

Rowley's mom and Greg's mom planned a special trip for Greg to go to the beach with Rowley's family. When they got there they were saying 5 miles away from the boardwalk where the Cranium Shaker is. There cabin was called Quiet Cove and there were no electronics! Greg has to share a room with Rowley for a week and the first night Greg was hanging off the bed! Rowley's parents took the boys to the boardwalk and Greg rode the Cranium Shaker. Rowley didn't though. Then Rowley and Greg played a prank on people but got caught so they had to leave Quiet Cove early.

Summary CONT.

Greg got home and went straight to his room. He looked online for ways to earn money and found a video game competition and the winner got to go to the national game to win $1,000,000 or got a box of chocolate raisins. Greg and Rowley went but they were the only ones there so they battled us and Rowley won but he had hurt Greg's hand on accident with a hammer. They had camped out in front of the store and it happened then. You can guess what Rowley picked, the raisins. After that Greg and his family went to the town pool but Greg hates that place. It is nothing like the Country Club. Greg still has to find away to get money but his summer was OK and hopefully his next summer will be better.


I would change the Country Club part by making them pay off the bill by helping out at the Club. It would affect how the whole summer unfolded with the boardwalk and the town pool.


I would recommend this book to a friend because of the part at the boardwalk. The prank was funny and then they got caught. I love Diary Of A Wimpy Kid so if you like realistic fiction this is a book to read.