The Rideau Report

April 2022

Welcome to April!

Bonjour les Rhinos!

Things are slowly returning to normal, or pre-pandemic routines and it is nice to see field trips being organized and smiles on the faces when children come in from recess with their friends.

There is an issue I would like to share with the community. It is around the amount of traffic and congestion on the streets around the school at drop off and dismissal. I am very concerned for the safety of our students. Parent council is trying to gather some information to help improve safety at pick up and drop off. Please take the time to complete this VERY quick survey. Also, know that we have shared our concerns with our trustee, the city, and the school board. We would also like to hear from you through this survey. Thank you for taking the time to complete it.

We celebrated Earth Hour last Friday and save 81,84 kWh which is enough energy to power a 15 Watt LED bulb for 5456 hours! It goes to say that a little change in routine makes a difference.

We will host a Scholastic Bookfair on April 27 and 28. The bookfair will be open during school hours for the class to visit as well as from 4:00 to 6:00 on the 27 for families to visit. It will be located in the last portable and can be accessed from the portable door. I am still looking for a few volunteers to help me during those two days. Cash is accepted and there should be a debit machine as well. If you wish to buy online or look at what is available, follow this link:

Our grades 4-6 students will deepen their understanding of bullying, conflicts and confidence through a workshop and follow up activities on April 14. Follow this link to learn more about the Brave workshop

Saturday April 2 is Autism Awareness Day. We have talked about it at school this week. The Maltby centre is offereing workshops for parents on Autism and Children's Mental Health that might be of interest to you:

With all the changes pertaining to isolation and COVID like symptoms. I thought you might like a summary of the process for return to school after illness

Registrations for kindergarten are open, visit the Limestone site for more information. We will host an Open House later in the spring, the date has yet to be determined.

The pictures for our yearbooks are flowing in from teachers. If you do not want your child's picture to be in the Yearbook, please let us know as soon as possible as we are finalizing the project at the end of the month. Yearbooks are still available to purchase on line for $20 at and the yearbook ID code is 13186822.

Spirit Days

April 8 - Colour House Day

April 14 - Rideau Wear Day

April 22 - Earth Day (Dress as a gardener?)

April 28 - Fancy Day

Rideau Spring Yard Sale: The event will take place on Saturday May 7. Here is the link for the Facebook page We are looking at clothing, sporting goods, toys, and items of the sort that are in good conditions and looking for a new home.

We will also be conducting an E-Waste/office waste drive at the same time! You can bring the following items to the yard sale for recycling (thank you Staples!), this will help divert E-waste from landfill: HP Ink, printer ink cartridges, all brands of toner, batteries (in plastic bags), markers, pens, dry erase markers, cellphones, house phones, printers (ink/toner removed), flat screen monitors or small TVs (no old tube style), laptops and desktops as well as other small electronics. NO microwaves, fridges, stove, or lightbulbs.

Parent Council -> Our next meeting is on April 19, at 6:30. It will be in the gym with the possibility to join online.

Lost & Found -> There are still many items gathered from the yards and the hallways. You should see the number of pairs of shoes! Please come and claim them.

Valerie Arsenault

Acting Principal

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