Green Beauty Summary

In the US alone there are 1 140 836 beauty salons. That's a big industry to stand out in. At Green Beauty, we strive to be unique. We are one of the only non-toxic and water-based nail polish brands out there. We believe that beauty should never be sacrificed, but we also believe the world should not be sacrificed for beauty. We are here to bring affordable, eco-friendly and safe nail polish to the public.

Conventional Product vs Green Product

Most cosmetics have existed for many years, nail polish is an exception. Nail polish is a relatively new invention there for it is difficult to find natural alternatives. The formula for nail polish is never the same. Companies use different chemists and chemical engineers, and the formulas are usually corporate secrets.
For conventional nail polish there is still a number of basic components. First the film forming agent which is usually nitrocellulose. The film forming forms the hard surface to nail polish needed for it to work properly, but they make it very brittle. Second is the solvent, it holds the coloring and the other parts of the nail polish before being applied, when they evaporate. The type and amount of the solvent change, which is conditional to how heavy the nail polish is or how long it takes to dry. Another common factor is the resin. Resins stick the film to the nail bed; they are the ‘glue’. They are used to improve the polish’s resistance. There is never only one type of resin or one combination that meets every specification. Resin is to make nail polish very brittle. Another key component is plasticizers. Films and resins once dried are brittle. Plasticizers link to polymer chains and increase the distance between them, making the polish much more flexible. Lastly we have coloring, A huge array of chemicals is used as coloring agents, for example iron oxide to coal tar to plant based pigments. Glitter effects are often achieved with ground pearlescent minerals such as titanium dioxide.

With our green product the formula is completely different. The nail polish has more of a mud texture, and does not have the same basic components. The formula had to be changed because with all every ingredient in the polish has to be biodegradable with no traces or residues left behind. The acrylic resins are present in the polish as emulsions which are very similar to milk. The term "resin" is quite generic it refers to any polymer which can form a film as it dries. Like proteins, celluloses, sugars, and DNA, to name a few "natural" polymers, are resins and none of these are any less harmful than the resins we use in our polish.

Green-ness of Green Beauty

Green Beauty is a certified green company on a mission to spread our ideas around the world. We don't just stop at the product, we not only have environmentally friendly packaging but are factories are all environmentally friendly as well. Everyday we are trying to find new ways to make our company more green. When you find a company so dedicated to helping the world, why not invest?

Investing in Green Beauty

In 2011, organic product sales were expected to top $20 billion. American consumers clearly indicated that they prefer to buy "environmentally friendly" products and that they are willing to pay more for these products. Studies have shown that the demand for "green" products is on the rise. As you can see with these statistics Green Beauty is becoming increasingly popular and we are ready to take it to the next level. We need a partner to help us expand and go into make up. Green Beauty is an established company and is a great investment.

"UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing's going to get better: it's not." Dr. Suess