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By: Jamia Smith

Costa Rica's National Anthem Lyrics: Behind The History

In 1852, the diplomatic representatives of the United States and the United Kingdom were to arrive, and the president of Costa Rica at the time, Juan Rafael Mora Porras, wanted to receive them with the national anthem. However, Costa Rica had no national anthem. Therefore, the president requested that the director of the Costa Rican National Army orchestra, Manuel María Gutiérrez, compose the music for a national anthem. Although Gutierrez insisted he knew nothing about musical composition, he was thrown in prison on the terms that he would be set free once he had produced the piece of music.

The Republic Of Costa Rica

The president of Costa Rica at the time, Juan Rafael Mora Porras, wanted to receive them with the national anthem. However, Costa Rica had no national anthem. The Author of this anthem is Manuel Maria Gutierrez he was the composer of the music for the National Anthem. It was written in 1852, when President Juan Rafael Mora Porras wanted a National Anthem but Costa Rica didn't have no National Anthem. So that's when he asked Manuel Maria Gutierrez to compose one. Resulting composition was played for the first time in the Presidential Palace on June 11, 1852.

The Republican Of Costa Rica Is a country In Central America, bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the southeast , the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Caribbean Sea to the east, and Ecuador to the south of Cocos Island. The rest of Central America, Costa Rica never fought for independence from Spain. On September 15, 1821, after the final Spanish defeat in the Mexican War of Independence, the authorities in Guatemala declared the independence of all of Central America. That date is still celebrated as Independence Day in Costa Rica. Costa Rica used to be known principally as a producer of bananas and coffee. Even though coffee, bananas, pineapple,sugar, lumber, wood products and beef are still important exports, in recent times electronics, pharmaceutics , financial outsourcing, software development, and ecotourism have become the prime industries in Costa Rica's economy. High levels of education among its residents make the country an attractive investing location. A famous citizen Felicia Montealegre was born In Costa Rica, She sang behind some of her late husband Leonard Bernstein's symphonies. She was an T.V. adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's play A Doll's House.

The National Anthem has some FIFas strategy in it. For F(form), there are about five stanzas and there are about four to five breaks in the song, there are 18 lines in all of the whole five stanzas. The number of lines are both short and long, there is no pattern in the song itself. I is (imagery), One descriptive language clue is "The rustic tool transform into a weapon", I wonder what the whole meaning of that phrases is. A drawing/sketch was the "Noble homeland your beautiful flag...", i think of their homeland flag that represents Costa Rica where the people live. The tone/mood of this song is not sad or anything unhappy it's very exciting like it has a purpose and telling a short story about Costa Rica. Fa is (Figurative Language), i found repetition, hyperbole, idiom, and onomatopoeia in the song. Repetition was the phrase "Under the clear blue of your sky...", that was repeated twice in the beginning first and at the ending, then there was the repeating of "Hail Oh and Peace", i believe the peace is repeated to justify peace in their country and Hail Oh is to getting something or someone's attention as if the people said it. Hyperbole i found was "Your simple farmer sons won..", i believed this phrase wasn't really suppose to be taken seriously as it should , didn't have much excitement. Idiom was the phrase "Enternal prestige, respect, and honour...", i picked this because the words used to get the point across had a lot of good meaning to them. Onomatopoeia was the "Oh" because imagine if you were saying "Ah" but saying "Oh" instead, there both sounds to express an feeling or emotion. S is (Summary) The song was a National song in Costa Rica which represents its country and has a lot of meaning and expression about Costa Rica it's homeland. I believe Costa Rica is fair to their people and treat them as citizens in their country as if we were to visit.

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