Parent Newsletter for October

"Creating a Community of Learners"

From the desk of Mrs. Harrison

Tis the season for football and “game time”! With that comes excitement, passion, and an overwhelming sense of teamwork, trust and spirit. It is that way with us as well. With teaching and learning, lukewarm is no good. PASSION, though, well, that’s another thing altogether. To motivate and encourage our students as well as each other, there is nothing we cannot accomplish together! The concept of passion and teamwork permeates our building on a daily basis --when I see teachers discussing collegial issues, how to best inspire their students, and how to best incorporate best practices, that’s when I know that we are all on the same team. Bear Bryant once said, “You must learn how to hold a team together. You must lift some men up, calm others down, until finally they’ve got one heartbeat. Then you’ve got yourself a team.” At Brooks, we do this for each other; and yes, we truly have this same heartbeat --We Are One! On that note, we cannot do what we do each day with you, our amazing parents! Spending time with your child(ren) on campus, volunteering to read, coming to Spirit Nights, participating in various Parent Nights, all of these things signify that we are all learning together and that our number one priority is our children.

This community of collaboration instills, I believe, a love for lifelong learning in our children. As we head through this adventure together, we must be cognizant of the shift into 21st century learning. As we navigate these waters together, we must continually research the "newest" technologies and apply the best ones which help our students grow. Our upper grades (3rd, 4th, and 5th) are diving into Google Classroom. This link will help you better understand it, as will this from our first "Coffee and Conversation":

I cannot express to you how excited I am with not just Google, but all of the technology integration that I see throughout our building. From Ipad APPS to CD-Roms and gamification, teachers are using technology on a daily basis to not replace, but to ENHANCE and reinforce skills which have been previously taught.

From Mrs. Andrew, Assistant Principal

Data is everywhere we turn. We purchase “data plans” through our cell phone carriers. We receive data about the weather to know what to plan for. We even use data when considering purchases as simple as groceries or as large as buying a home. There are so many parts of our lives where data drives decision making. Education is very similar. While we all realize (as is similar in most situations) that student assessment data is only part of the whole picture, it is very useful to us as educators in many ways. We can use data to differentiate instruction, to guide instruction, and to deliver instruction in ways that meet the needs of all students.

With this in mind, we take into consideration assessments and how these assessments provide data, useful information, to our teachers. Before long we will receive our Georgia Milestone Assessment data from last year. With this assessment, teachers will be given more detailed data than ever before. This is a good thing. It is not the end-all/be-all, but it is a tool to help them navigate the complex and ever-changing and growing student mind. Information is good, and this information is a piece to each child’s beautiful puzzle.

Our teachers are leading the way in using assessment data to help enrich the education of our students at Brooks. Not only the Milestone Assessment data, but also their classroom summative assessments and formative (informal) assessments are used each and every day to guide planning and instruction for our students. This is one more reason that I am so proud to be a Brooks Bronco!


We will celebrate Red Ribbon Week October 26 – 30. RRW is a week where we learn about making healthy choices. There are many fun activities planned for the week such as theme dress up days, trivia questions, and classroom guidance lessons that reinforce

making healthy choices.

Penny Jones


From Nurse Diane

Happy October! The advent of Fall not only brings beautiful foliage, but unfortunately brings germs. Let's all say "Boo to the Flu"! Parents, please encourage your child(ren) to frequently wash their hands, and cover up coughs and sneezes at school.

Also, please remember if your child goes home with a fever, he/she must remain out for 24 hours.

First grade parents: please remember to send in up-to-date 3231 to me since I have to turn these in mid-October.

News from the Media Center

I would like to thank everyone who volunteered and supported our book fair. The book fair was a huge success thanks to all of you. We almost exceeded last year’s sales, and we will be able to add over $7000 in new books to the media center in the months to come. Our next book fair will be in February.

Our 5th Graders are busy reading for the first annual Brooks Battle of the Books. At this time we have eleven teams but would really like to have an even number. I am speaking with 5th graders during specials this week to motivate and encourage them to participate. Students do not have to try out to be on a team. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I have purchased several copies of the books but with over 30 students trying to read as many as they can before the end of the year, there will be times when a book may not be available. I encourage you to visit the public library or even download or purchase the books for devices if you need to. Students do not have to read a copy from our media center. The list of required books is listed below:

1. Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, by Chris Grabenstein

2. Code Talker, by Joseph Bruchac

3. Ungifted, by Gordon Korman

4. Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin

5. The One and Only Ivan, by Katherine Applegate

6. War Horse, by Michel Morpurgo

7. Eight Keys, by Suzanne LaFleur

8. Three Times Lucky, by Shelia Turnage

9. Crystal City Lights, by Holly Moulder 10. Wonder, by RJ Palacio

Lastly, if anyone would like to volunteer to read Not Norman for Read for the Record, please let me know. Read for the Record is October 22nd. Readers will read between 8:15-10:00.

From the Music Desk of Mrs. Jane Spivey:

Veteran’s Day

at Brooks Elementary

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

8:30 am

Third Grade Program

for ALL Veterans, Retired Military, Currently Serving Military & Families

Thank you,

for all your love, sacrifice, loyalty, and bravery.

Please be our honored guest!

Coach Ross' PE Corner:

Just a reminder that "The Bolting Broncos" Running Club for Kindergarten, 1st,and 2nd grades is on Monday's and Wednesday's starting in the mornings at 7:30 a.m.

3rd, 4th, and 5th grades is on Tuesday's and Thursday's in the mornings starting at 7:30

Stay healthy by eating right and exercising,

Coach Ross