Data Analysis

Examples of Data Analysis in the online classroom

Course Survey

Reflection: The course survey was informative. I enjoyed reading through the responses. I plan to use the information in the survey to find ways to improve my teaching next semester.
From this survey identified three areas for growth:
1. I need to advertise the survey more. There were not very many students that responded to the survey. The information gathered would have been stronger if more students had participated.
2. Review assignments and assessments to ensure that information covered in both is adequate.
3. I would also include additional questions to the survey. In a previous professional development session Dr. Cozart discussed this process and I would use the extra questions to learn more about how my teaching practices aided or were lacking for students.

The availability of the course survey is great to aid in identifying areas for growth.

ELO Survey

Reflection: I created an ELO survey using Google Forms which can be seen above. I tried to provide an ELO for each module, in this survey I asked students to identify units that they would like to see ELOs for.

This was a great way to get student opinions however only five out of eighteen students responded.

As a side note, in the future I will not provide as many ELOs as there were not that many students that took advantage of the opportunities. I will definitely find more ways to incorporate Google Forms or another form of survey creation that it easy to use.

Heat Map

Reflection: I used the heat map toward the end of the semester to identify areas that students could use remediation in. I am on the fence regarding the usefulness. I wish that the assignments could be organized by module within it. This would help with identifying the weak units in one glance.
In the future one way that I would use the heat map throughout the semester is to look at individual assignments. The way the heat map is set up will make it very easy for this use.