BU Media Evolution (FT 701)

Class Assignment from Andrew Davis

Building a new media brand

You’ve just been hired to create a new media brand in a disparate digital landscape. Your goal: create a compelling, entertaining, exciting, multi-faceted, and long-lasting digital media brand that mirrors the programming successes of the past.

The Deliverable

I expect you to create a pitch package for your new media brand. This pitch package must include:

Show title
The name of your new media brand

Log Line

A one sentence description of your of your content idea

Show description

A description of the show mechanics (if I watched an episode, what would I experience.) - Make sure you address the frequency with which you’ll deliver your content.


Does your content brand have legs? (Meaning can I create ‘n’ number of episodes or will I run out of ideas?) This means you must have at least ten episode titles to help demonstrate its staying power.

Target a Micro Daypart

Which part of the day, what demographic and what activity are you targeting in your audiences life? How are you planning to own this time?

Media Modality

Explain the reasoning behind your choice of a medium with which you are targeting your audience. If you're using video, how will it be delivered, on what device are you setting the expectation for consumption?

Your primary distribution channel:

If it’s video where are you distributing it (YouTube?) If it’s imagery, or text, or audio, what channel will you use to create your content brand and why did you choose this channel.

Your talent:

What personal brand (talent) will power your media brand? How did you find them? How big (or small) and how valuable is their audience? Who already consumes their content?

Why did you choose this talent? What makes you think they can succeed on this distribution platform?

Your ancillary media channels

Where and how will you extend your content brand in the digital world? Will you also post photos on Instagram? Are you starting a Facebook page? Every platform you choose must be justified.

Tapping a Trend or Creating a Movement

Leveraging Google Trends, explain how you're tapping into a growing trend or new digital movement and the thinking behind your trend.


Revenue streams

How will you turn your new media brand into revenue? Will you sell a line of branded products? Will you sell advertising, underwriting or charge consumers for access to the content? Will you sell books or host events?

Your Inspiration

Feel free to use any of these examples

Choose any of the following ‘viral-video’ successes and build a digital programming schedule designed to capitalize on the single success of the brand in the digital world turning it into a formidable, cross-platform success.

...Or Choose Your Own!

You’re free to use any online content as inspiration for your media brand story - as long as you clearly explain the content, can showcase the appeal of the original content, and can define the audience that’s embraced the content.

Caine's Arcade

Caine's Arcade

Fat Sick & Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead - Trailer

Additional Juicing Trend (As Inspiration)

Devin Graham's Water Jet Pack

Water Jet Pack: Get High with Jetlev!

Lauren Luke's Make-up Tutorials

TAYLOR SWIFT "Love story" Soft bridal make up tutorial

Dave Pell's NextDraft E-Mail Newsletter

Steepster (A Tea Community)


Your new media brand will be evaluated on the following criteria (in order of importance)


Is it creative and compelling? Have you come up with a unique hook, a smart idea and described (or presented) it in a fun and compelling way.

Revenue Potential

Have you been able to translate your new media brand into a compelling revenue stream (it’s not about having the numbers, it’s about the revenue model.) Is it a realistic revenue model given the past and the future of media?

Trend/Movement Choice & Momentum

Have you chosen a viable trend, movement or niche with momentum worth pursuing?

Micro Daypart & Medium Choice

Have you defined a micro daypart and medium that stands a chance of cutting through the clutter? Is it unreasonable to assume that you can own this time in the consumer's mind?

Talent Choice

Have you chosen a compelling, exciting and interesting talent to power your media brand? Is there audience valuable enough to leverage as a starting point? Are they multi-faceted enough to power your revenue models?

Media Expansion

Have you built a compelling multi-channel expansion model for the media brand you’re building? What are you using each channel for and how will they help round-out your media brand?

Applied Old Media Lessons

We’re also going to be looking for old media lessons that have informed your new media brand. Are you leveraging appointment television? Does your content have a format? Is it frequent-enough for the channel? Are you using the right media for the right reasons?


Feel free to reach out with any questions, ideas, concerns or clarification needed to make your assignment a success.

I've made time available to discuss this assignment with anyone interested. Please book time on my calendar if you'd like to meet via skype or phone to chat further.

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