China's geography



Hold on, do you know about china's geography?well ok most people don't . china is as big as all 50 states of america here's some more facts .

land layouts / populations

China has and area of about 3,696,100 square miles [9,572,900 meters].China also have a very large population of about [1,375,388,00]{2013}. the platue of tibet ,has an average of about 13,000 ft [4,000 meters]"its a quarter of china's area. china has about 12% of the worlds natural resources . most of china's plants grow into northern hemisphere ,forest such as spruce,birch,ash,and aspen are found up to 10,000 ft [3,000 meters].


China is extremmly ,diversed very tropical in the south ,with moonsoon winds .

  • lowest point: turpan pendi-154m.
  • highest point: everest 8,850m.
  • moutains, hills, and highlands cover about 66% of the nations territory.
  • limited land for agirculture .
  • natrul reasources /other: 35[1993est]
  • arable land:10%
  • permanent crops:0%
  • permanent pastures:43%
  • forestland woodland:14%

anciet sites

China has many anciet geographical sites, to see, for enstince the silk road ,it was during the hen can viste the two major geographical zoo's the parlearitc and the orental .there many different sites to see in china anciet china and present day sites.


alright, have you learned something ? hope you did ,to summ it up for you ,all this is talking about is china's geography .and for more info please contact china, they know more.
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