The Beauty of Bogota, Colombia

Bogota, Colombia - Timothy Thomas

On the Streets in Bogota, Colombia
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El mapa

Bogotá está en el país conocido como Colombia. Colombia es el sur de Haití, oeste de Venezuela y este de Panamá. Tiene del coasta mar Caribe. Tiene una frontera con el Ecuador


- 1st Day

Location: FMHS Flower Mound, TX

4:00pm -leave FMHS - get cab to DFW airport: $30
4:30pm -arrive at the airport
5:35pm -flight time round trip for 2 people + bags= $2978.52
11:15pm -arrival time at El Dorado International Airport
12:00am -free shuttle from airport
12:15am -arrival time at hotel
-total hotel cost for 3 nights $510.32

Overall spent: $3,518.84

- 2nd Day

8:30am -eat breakfast at hotel
9:00am -Half Day amusement park adventure at Salitre Magico amusement park (price includes transportation) $647,376 pesos
9:00am -shuttle pickup from hotel to the park
12:00pm - lunch/snacks in the park $130,783 pesos
2:00pm -return shuttle from park to hotel
2:15pm -taxi from hotel to Maloka Museum $4857 pesos
2:30pm -arrive/Museum tickets $31,800 pesos
6:00pm -taxi to hotel $4857 pesos
7:00pm -taxi to Andres Carnes restaurant $14,818 pesos
7:15pm -Dinner $160,000 pesos
9:00pm -taxi back to hotel $4857 pesos
Overall spent: $999,348 Pesos

- 3rd Day

8:00am -eat breakfast at hotel
8:30am -taxi from hotel to Villavicencio $87,304 pesos
11:30am -arrive at Villavicencio
12:00pm -walk/shop at the Plaza Los Libertadores $300,000 pesos
2:00pm -get taxi from the plaza to the restaurant. $4,914 pesos
2:30pm -eat at Restaurante el Cabrestero $75,000 pesos
3:30pm -take a cab to the Parque las Malocas Catama $10,851 pesos
4:00pm -purchase rodeo tickets for 2 people $100,000 pesos
5:00pm -the rodeo starts and will end at 5:50
6:00pm -take cab to restaurant from the stadium $10,447 pesos
6:20pm -eat at Siete Mares Gourmet $98,000 pesos
7:00pm -take taxi back to hotel $87,304 pesos
10:00pm -arrive at hotel

Overall spent: $773,820 Colombian Pesos

- 4th Day

9:00am - workout in the hotel’s gym
10:00am -eat breakfast at hotel
11:00am - finish packing and check out of hotel
12:00pm -lunch at the airport $65,390 pesos
2:30pm -free shuttle to airport
3:00pm -check in and wait until flight
4:30pm -depart for Cali (price included on 11/8 slide)
5:36pm -arrive at Cali
6:00pm -taxi to Marriott hotel Cali $49,010 pesos
6:30pm -check in and rest in room (2 nights) $1,150,899 pesos
7:00pm -walk to dinner (0.1 mile)
7:15pm -dinner at Platillos Voladores restaurant $390,000 pesos
8:30pm -walk back to hotel

Overall spent: $1,655,299 pesos

- 5th Day

8:00am -eat breakfast at hotel
9:00am -taxi from hotel to Cali Zoo $12,813
9:30 am -tickets to the zoo $36,000
12:00pm -each lunch at the Zoo $65,000
4:00pm -leave zoo/take taxi to Cristo Rey $24,293
6:00pm -take taxi from Cristo Rey to restaurant $26,153
6:15pm - arrive at Tizones for dinner $160,000
8:00pm - take taxi back to hotel $10,113


Overall spent: $334,372 pesos

- 6th Day

7:00am - eat breakfast at hotel
7:30am - finish packing and check out of hotel
7:45am - take taxi to CLO airport $51,253 pesos
8:15am - check in and wait for flight departure
10:05am - flight departure
7:45pm - arrival at DFW
8:30pm - take taxi to FMHS $30 USD

Overall spent: $45.58 USD

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La población

La población de Bogotá era unos 8 millones en 2015.

La Moneda

La moneda es el Colombian peso.

1 USD (Dollar) = $3054.37 Colombian pesos

La Persona Famosa

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John Leguizamo

American actor/ producer/ stand-up comedian/ playwright/ screenwriter.

Born: July 22, 1964 (age 51), Bogota, Colombia

Leguizamo is best known for his one-man stage shows.

Why Did Steven Seagal Punch John Leguizamo

El Tiempo del Proximo Diás

click link to view weather in Bogota, Colombia

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La Maleta

Me lleno mi pantalón largo, un abrigo cuando el frío, un montón de camisas, un traje de baño para nadar. También puse mi jabón para ducha. Pongo mi cepillo de dientes y pasta de dientes para cepillarme los dientes.

El Boleto de Avión

El precio de un boleto de avión era $1489.26 USD y $4548747.71 en Colombian Pesos.



Duración de la vista fue sies diás.

Precio: $63 USD y $192425.17 Colombian Pesos por la noche

Los Servicios del Hotel: una piscina, un gimnasio, dos restaurantes, wi-fi, y un tele.

Total: $378 y $1154551.01 en Colombian Pesos


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Museum Botero

The Botero Museum located in Bogotá, Colombia houses one of Latin America's most important international art collections. The Botero Museum was founded in the neighborhood of La Candelaria, the historic center of Bogotá, in a colonial mansion that was acquired by the Bank of the Republic and made suitable to house the art collection by Fernando Botero himself.


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Bogotá Botanical Garden

The José Celestino Mutis botanical garden is Colombia's biggest botanical garden. It serves both as a recreation and research center with an emphasis on Andean and Páramo ecosystems.


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Bolívar Square

The Bolívar Square is located in the heart of the historical area of Bogotá. It has a statue of Simón Bolívar sculpted in 1846 by the Italian Pietro Tenerani, which was the first ever public monument in the city.


Actividades Divertidas

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Cici Aquapark

Cici AquaPark has 1200 cubic meters of water, which is treated with gas chlorine, depending on the amount of visitors and the measurements performed every hour to determine PH and chlorine residual.


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The Gold Museum

The Gold Museum contains over 55,000 pieces of gold and other materials from all the major pre-hispanic cultures in Colombia. It is one of Colombia's most famous sites.


La Comida de Colombia

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Are popular ball shaped fritters and eaten as a snack in many South American countries. The Colombian version is made with dough of curd of white cheese that get fried until golden brown. It is a typical Christmas dish in Colombia.
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Bandeja Paisa

A huge mixture of food on more of a platter than a plate, it consists of grilled steak, fried pork rind, chorizo sausages, on a bed of rice and red beans that is then topped with a fried egg and a side of sliced avocado and sweet banana (chips). It is arguably the national dish of Colombia

El Restaurante de Andrés Carne De Res De Corazones

Yo pediré tacos de pollo y carne en el restaurante de Andrés Carne De Res De Corazones.

I will order tacos of chicken and beef at the Andrés Carne De Res De Corazones restaurant.

Precio: $15.40 USD



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I will buy a keychain that resembles Bogotá, Colombia
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Colombian Flag

I will buy a mini flag of Colombia to help remember the fun time I had there
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Andean Condor

I will buy a mini sculpture of the Andean Condor since it is the national bird