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By: Bailey Schmitt

Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome

In ancient times they all mostly used family roles everyday in their life. They each had their own unique ways. They do there family roles in many different ways and some of them they do it alike. Today we also do some of the same things that they did back in the day. It was a rough time for them to life back in the day. They had so many things going on in their life. The life we have now is way better then ancient times.

Ancient Rome

In ancient Rome they used family roles in every day life. Romans in ancient time used family roles in their life the most. The father in the family lead everyone and had the power to control them as well. The mother of the family was called the materfamilias. In Roman life if the kids did not listen or they disobeyed, the father could kill them or send them to be slaves. If they did not want them then the child would no longer live with that family. Families had siblings or relatives that lived with them as well as the parents and kids. In the Roman family, the father was the one that lead mostly and they had power of things and they could control mostly everything.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was an independent unique place. Family Roles in ancient Egypt was important in their life. They used it everyday like we still do now. When a family had a kid they respected them and they raised them well. The father of the family was the one in the family that lead most of the household. Women in ancient Egypt had to respect whoever they were married to and their dads. The mom of the family had to raise the kids and teach them things. In Egypt the mom’s jobs was to do things like weaving, entertainment, and last but not least they did perfume making. Girls in ancient times in Egypt got married when they were like 12 years old. There is a lot of family roles they did and it is cool to learn about them.
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There is a lot of information about ancient Rome and ancient Egypt’s family roles and some of it we still do here today. In both civilizations the father was the leader and the boss. Now we have the things that they did not have thousands of years ago. This is a very important time in life and it is still here today.