ATC October Newsletter


Upcoming Important Dates

October 19th-23rd - Kindness Week

October 20th - Picture Day!

October 22nd - Grade 7 Challenge 6PM (All families invited)

October 23rd - Wear Blue for ATC pride / Kindness March

October 23rd - Second Round of Parent Conferences (Early Release)

October 27th - Site Council Meeting

October 29th - Progress Reports Issued for grades 6/7

October 30th - Final Round of Fall Parent Conferences (Early Release)

November 3rd - No School (Teacher Professional Development)

November 11th - No School (Veteran's Day)

November 20-22 - Seussical the Musical

November 25th - Early Release

November 26th, 27th - No School (Thanksgiving)

Kindness Week

This week we are celebrating Kindness Week at the ATC! Formerly known as "Anti-Bullying Awareness Week," the goals of this initiative are to promote kindness and respect while celebrating the diversity of our students. Each morning, the students are participating in a lesson designed to promote a positive culture and educate students on the harmful effects of bullying. The topics of discussion include: The Power of your words, Cyber Bullying and Internet Awareness, Conflict vs. Bullying, and Spreading Kindness.

On Wednesday, Jackie Lamont from the District Attorney's office will be speaking to the students as part of a preventative outreach program focused on cyber-bullying and internet awareness. Students will learn ways to ensure they are safe online and will also be educated on how to report and identify any negative behavior they see while using social media or various websites. Over 60% of our fourth grade students reported they spent at least 1-3 hours online each night and we are hopeful a proactive approach to ensuring students do so in a safe manner will have long-lasting, positive effects.

Below: Students participated in a mix-it-up lunch today and enjoyed interacting with new friends. Each child was given a number and sat at that table. Topics of discussion were provided and students learned a little more about their peers.

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Student Council

Elections took place on October 16th for the ATC Student Council. After some incredible speeches, each grade selected various representatives to advocate for their classes. The students took this process very seriously and recognized it was not a popularity contest but rather an opportunity for their voices to be heard. Ms. Sarnelli will be heading the student council again this year and is hoping for many successful fundraisers and a very involved group.

The new student council members are as follows:

  • Grade 4 representatives: Devin Barnett, Lillian Sullivan, and Sage Calinda.

  • Grade 5 representatives: Joel Johnson, Kaylin Barry, Emma Holmes.

  • Grade 6: Secretary, Hunter Kennedy; Treasurer, Sean Montgomery; Vice President, Ty Calinda; President, Daniel Tracy.

  • Grade 7: Secretary, Nick Drevos, Treasurer, Grace Galuris; Vice President, Ava Alioto; President, Bobby Hubert.

Curriculum Updates

Grade 4

The fourth grade students are currently using place value to look for and make sense of structure while comparing, adding, subtracting, and estimating with whole numbers. In Writer’s Workshop, the students are continuing their work on the personal narrative and will be publishing their first piece! English Language arts / reading lessons have been targeted towards literary elements and plot. Science / social studies lessons have been focused on studying landforms and United States geography.

Grade 5

The fifth grade students are currently learning place value and multi-digit multiplication in math; adaptations and classification for science; conflict and resolution with Storytown; personal narratives for Writer’s Workshop.

Grade 6

The sixth grade students are currently learning how to perform operations with fractions, including multiplication, division and addition. They are also working on how to answer open response questions in mathematics. In ELA and Social Studies students are concluding their interdisciplinary study of the Stone Age. This will include finishing the historical fiction novel

Maroo of the Winter Caves, culminating activities and assessments for comprehension and vocabulary, journal writing and text-based character analysis. In science, students are continuing their exploration of the geology and processes that shape our Earth.

Grade 7

The seventh grade students are…learning about physical, political, and human geography from all around the world in the social studies classes.


Ms. Sarnelli and Ms. Dunn are focusing on Standards 1-4 of the Common Core this trimester, so we are practicing using evidence from the reading to support analysis, summarizing, and using context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words. Ms. Sarnelli’s classes are practicing these standards through reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, and Mrs. Dunn’s classes are reading Gone (periods 3 and 5) and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (period 4). Lots of interesting discussions are happening!


Mr. Barrett and Ms. Hinrichs are working on adding and subtracting rational numbers and then moving on to multiplying and dividing rational numbers. By the beginning of November, we will be finishing up our module on rational number operations and applications and moving on to proportional relationships and percent, which is where the accelerated class currently is.

Teacher Spotlight - Mrs. Grayson

Everyone can remember that one teacher who made them feel like the best version of themselves. Mrs. Grayson is remembered by many of her former students as that person. If you have ever walked by room 226, you know it is not uncommon for students to be bouncing on yoga balls or identifying the similarities between themselves and a Winnie the Pooh character. The magic of Mrs. Grayson's class however, is the balance she is able to maintain between rigorous instruction and a fun, engaging atmosphere for learning. Students always leave her class with a solid understanding of the curriculum combined with a love for learning.

Overcoming cancer last year, Mrs. Grayson was a true inspiration to our community as she modeled the hope and resilience we strive to instill in our students. Read her interview HERE as highlighted on the Dana Farber blog. She is recognized this month during Kindness Week for her lifelong commitment to learning and her dedication to always making decisions based on what is best for kids.

Below: Mrs. Grayson and one of her students having a blast last year during field day.

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