By Gina Damico

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Background of the Crime

A girl named Lex has recently been recruited to a town called Croak to become a Grim Reaper. On the job she helps souls leave the body of a deceased person. Her partner, Driggs, has become so accustomed to seeing dead bodies on the job that he has the ability to sense how they died. One day while working they come across a body that Driggs couldn't tell how they died. One after another more of these mysterious deaths occurred, and caused a stir among some of the Grim reapers.


Lex: Main Character and Grim Reaper. Assigned to be a "Killer".

Driggs: Lex's Partner and Grim Reaper, Assigned to be a "Culler".

Cordy: Lex's Sister. Not a grim Reaper.

Mort: Lex's Uncle, Mayor of Croak and experienced Killer.

Plot (Evidence, procedure for solving, legal aspects)

The only real evidence found were the bodies. None of the bodies has signs of injury, bodily failure, or symptoms of death. However every victims eyes were solid white. Lex and Driggs eventually have their friend re-route their scythes to take them to whenever one of the mysterious deaths occurred. This was going against the rules of the Grim Reaper society, and if caught Lex and Driggs would be knee deep in trouble.

Reflection, my opinion

In my opinion the book was written very well, the ending to me was somewhat expected but the way that Lex and Driggs find out who the killer is was an awesome moment in the book. Full of plot twists and turning of events it was full of suspense.

Key notes and interesting facts.

One of the interesting things about the book to me was that the scythes that the grim reapers used for their work were unique to each individual. For example Lex's Scythe was one of the darkest scythes anyone in croak had ever seen. Her uncle Mort's scythe was pure diamond. The towns legal drinking age is 14 and there are many times when Lex is with a group at the local pub.