Single-Sex schooling

John Keating, Jack Grzesiek, and Alton-Jasper Moore


For the first topic, we think that some parents push children into single-sex schooling without their consent which is a very bad choice. Also, it is unfair for a certain gender to not be able to choose whether they want to be with the opposite sex or not. And education still might be unequally distributed between a certain sex.

Better preparing for life.

Secondly, we think if kids are put into schools with the opposite sex it can prepare them for life ahead of them and the real world. When you graduate from high school and college there is no way to avoid the opposite sex then especially at a workplace.

Unequal distribution and Figuring out the opposite sex.

Third and foremost, we think that a single-sex school, girl or boy, may distribute less workload or more workload without other schools or the county knowing. Also if girls and boys were together in the same school they would have a better learning experience connecting and figuring out the opposite gender. And guys might have more girl friends then guy friends or vice-versa.

How we can fix this.

First off we can fix this by discouraging parents and guardians that forcing there kids into single-sex schooling is wrong if they do not want to be in a single-sex school. Second, a single-sex school should be counseled if they do not give enough work or give to much work.