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Helpful Information for our Kinsey Families

Kinsey Hotshots

Our CORE Values:

Integrity, Collaboration, Engagement, and WONDER

Student Code:

Friendly, Integrity, Respectful, Empathy

Our Mission:

To provide learning experiences inspired by the environment and the culture of Northern Arizona.

PTO Email:

What is a Hotshot?

Hotshot crews were first established in Southern California in the late 1940s.They were called“Hotshot” crews because they worked on the hottest part of wildfires. These are highly skilled hand crews that mobilize all over the country to keep communities safe.

In Flagstaff, we have been grateful to have these highly skilled fire fighters come to the aide of our community. We have changed our mascot to honor this diverse group of men and women who work to protect our lands and communities. Like these crews, we want our students to become stewards of the land, while having the skills to thrive in the communities they live.

Student Drop Off and Pick Up

Parent drop off and pick up is located in the north parking lot. There are two lanes, the north lane for entering the lot and the south lane will exit. Cars enter the parking lot and will proceed forward to the end of the lot where you will make a turn to then head out. It is in this south lane that students will be helped out of or into cars. Parent Drop Off Begins at 8:20. There is no supervision before the 8:20 drop off time. It is unsafe to drop and leave students before supervision arrives.

To try to help speed up the process, we assign a number to each family. This number is used to call all of your students to the pick up area. You can get a number at anytime. Once given the number, you will tell the teacher helping at pick up. They will radio ahead so your students will hopefully be waiting for you as you get closer to the pick up area.

Students cannot be dropped off at the front entrance, which is the Bus Entrance Area between 8:10 am and 9:00 am, picked up at this area between 3:00 pm and 3:50 pm, or on Friday dismissal 12:10 pm and 1:10 pm. This is in accordance with AZ State regulations regarding School Bus areas. FACTS students may be picked up here outside of these times.

Change in Going-Home Routine

If you need change how your child will be going home, please contact the front office before 3:00pm M-Th and before 12:00 on Friday. The office gets very busy the 20 minutes before dismissal. If a change in bus transportation is requested, the student must bring a note from a parent, to be signed by the principal.

FUSD Handbook: If there is any change in the going-home routine (e.g. someone different picking up a child) parents need to notify the teacher(s) and office in writing. Students must make social arrangement from home in advance, use of classroom/office telephones is limited to school business.

Student Safety Update

We are committed to providing a safe learning environment where students thrive. We also want to families to feel welcome when visiting their child during the school day. To help us keep students safe, we ask that if you are volunteering or visiting a classroom to please make arrangements 24 hours prior with your student's teacher. Teachers will then notify the office of your visit. We want to ensure that all visitors to campus are expected for both safety and health mitigation.

PTO and Site Council

We want to invite all our Kinsey families to join our PTO!

The Kinsey PTO provides support to the families, staff, and students of Kinsey. Meetings are the first Thursday of the month at 5:30 in the library. You can email the PTO here for more information.

Update!! Healthy Snacks

All food items, including treats provided by parents to students for birthday celebrations and other special occasions, if served during the school day must meet ADE Smart Snack Nutrition Standards. We encourage store bought/packaged treats to meet county health regulations.

More information about Smart Snacks can be found online at


Punctual and regular attendance is very important to your child’s success in school. Regular attendance is one way to make success for each child a reality. All FUSD schools are required by law to keep an exact record of reasons for absences. If your child must be absent, please call the Kinsey Absence Reporting Line, 928-773-4069 before 9:00 a.m. Please give the following information: Your name/relationship to child; Your child’s first and last name; Your child’s teacher and grade-level; The reason for the absence.

School attendance is mandatory by law. Students may be excused for the following reasons: Medical provider excuse, death in the family, family emergency, religious commitment, diagnostic testing, school-sponsored activities, and extenuating circumstances or parental petitioned vacations agreed to by the school administration. Extended absences due to medical conditions must be reported to the school nurse at the student’s home school. Unexcused absences must be reported as required by state law. In the interest of your child’s health and safety, it is important that we have up to date information about: • Parent/guardian’s name, home address and a working telephone/cell number. • The school office must have at least one working phone number on-file at all times along with the name and phone of at least one additional adult person who we can contact in case of emergency.

Kinsey Absence Reporting Line: 928-773-4069

Things to Know About Attendance - IT MATTERS!

  • We need your help getting your student to school
  • Elementary attendance patterns can follow students into high school - Chronic absences (10 or more in a year) is the first warning sign of an increased risk of dropping out.
  • Too many absences lead to a higher risk for falling considerably behind their peers.
  • The more they are at school the more they will learn!
  • If your child is having trouble with wanting to come to school, please let your child's teacher or office know right away so we can help!

Snow-Day and Snow-Delay Info

Snow-Day & Snow-Delay Schedules: Flagstaff Unified School has a “Delayed-Start Schedule” to help cope with inclement weather and avoid unnecessary cancellation of school. The Delayed-Start Schedule allows students walking and riding buses to avoid hazardous traffic conditions in the early morning, and the additional time allows more time for plowing and cindering streets.

On the Delayed-Start Schedule, all schools start 2 hours later than normal. School buses run 2 hours later than normal. Preschool classes will be cancelled when delayed start is in effect. Afternoon dismissal times and school bus return schedules do not change. Delayed start schedules on Early Release days will cancel early dismissal.

Delayed-start or cancellation of school can be found several ways: It will be announced on a local radio station, FUSD website (click on Snow Schedule) at, call the FUSD recording at 527-6012 or check A ConnectEd, automated phone call will be sent out to all parents at approximately 6:00 am each day a delayed start or cancellation of school is implemented. FUSD District Office may cancel school the evening prior to next school day if Flagstaff is experiencing blizzard conditions for all students safety.

To Consider:

  • Drop off begins at 8:20 and Pick up at 3:20 M-Th or 12:25 on Friday
  • Keep the office informed with changes to phone and contact info
  • Attendance matters GREATLY! The more they are at school the more they will learn. Too many absences lead to a higher risk for falling considerably behind their peers and habits formed increase the chance of dropping out of school later.
FUSD Elementary Handbook

You can also find middle and high school handbooks here as well.