By Ava and Nawal

Wisconsin History

16,000 years ago native Americans arrived in Wisconsin. They settled in Wisconsin looking for the better. A couple years later others settled in the beautiful land of Wisconsin.Then came the French and England gained on Wisconsin. They sent troops from England and started a war they fought and fought but Wisconsin won.

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Wisconsin Geography/Landforms

Wisconsin has lots of farms. In there farms they grow green beans and cranberries.They even have a Capital Building that looks like the White House how awesome! Wisconsin has really big light houses they also have tall cliffs and big forests. Some f the animals that Wisconsin has are Black Bears,Otters and Cows. Wisconsin is known for there Great Lakes.
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Wisconsin rec./entertainment

Wisconsin is known for its giant water park Wisconsin dells! People from all over come and visit for the time of their lives! But that's not all they love to do, they love splasng in the water and making waves. Some Wiconsinists like farming to! Farming is a big part of Wisconsin because its mostly known for its CHEESE! Yum! But if you like hiking or exploring Wisconsins woods are perfect.

Fun Facts About Wisconsin

Did you know that the state bird in Wisconsin is a Robin? If you didn't you just learned. Wisconsin loves CHEESE they even have CHEESE FESTIVALS! 92% of People in Wisconsin have European back rounds. They love sugar maple,badger,and red granite.

Wisconsin state nickname is the badger state

state song O'h Wisconsin

state insect Honey Bee

state drink Milk

state dog American Water Spaniel

State dance polka

and state modal is Forward!

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Wisconsin Dells Video Tour
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