English 3 Poetry Project

WWII Poetry


You have learned to annotate and analyze poetry using the TPCASTT method. You have also been studying WWII in US History classes with Mr. Crews. It's time to put your skills to work bringing poetry about WWII to life through analysis.


1. Use Smore.com to create interactive visual and verbal analysis of 3 poems about WWII.

2. Analyze each poem in a separate Smore.com flyer.

3. Your flyer needs to follow the TPCASTT format AND have 1 image for each bit of information that visually represents what your text says briefly.

a. Title of the poem - find an image that represents what you think the poem will be about

b. Paraphrase the poem - find images that represent the different stanzas of the poem or the poem as a whole

c. Connotative meanings - select 3-6 words and copy the passage in quotations and select an image for each of the words

d. Attitude of the SPEAKER - identify the attitude and find images that represent the attitude

e. Shifts - identify where shifts happen in the poem and how those shifts change the tone or message of the poem. Include an image for each shift that conveys the new tone or message

f. Title Revisited - find a new image that represents what this poem was about as you discovered through your analysis.

g. Themes - identify the themes in the poem and find images that represent those themes.

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