Your Guilty Pleasure

CD and Vinyl Collections

This shop is self owned and operated (sole proprietorship)

The advantages of having a self owned business, is there is more room for creativity; furthermore, the ability to put out one's own choice of music and style out for the consumer is self satisfying. Quick decisions are a plus!


Gone Green!

Most of our CD's and Vinyls are used or recycled from the community. Due to the increase in air pollution and the lack of recycling, our company uses environment-friendly bags and CD cases in order to help our surrounding environment.

Local Union

This is an open-shop union, meaning that our employees are not required to join, but it is an option. This way our employees do not feel pressured nor do they feel threatened. Yes, a disadvantage is a possible lack of connection and strength within the company; however, it is the direction that this company chooses to progress in.