Intenet in the classroom!!!

By: Hayden Cross

Internet access in the classroom is very necessary and is very helpful and needed in many ways. It helps to complete assignments faster, it makes it easier on the students to do and teachers to grade, also used in collages and higher education.

Internet use will make class easier for techers and students.

Lessons online are important because the teachers enjoy creating and teaching them , they are also easier to present and most importantly the students are more interested in the lessons.

Internet in the classrooms effects how students do in collage.

Typing is a key component in collage. All your notes taken will be typed and you have to know how to type fast and learn how to use your computer effectively before you go to college, so we might as well do it in high school to get us ready for college, also you have to use the internet for a lot of research papers in collage.

Internet in the classrooms will put education on a newer and higher level.

Higher effect on education means students are learning fast and more information using internet access in classrooms.Technology is taking over the classrooms as a good use of it, people are getting degrees without even going to class and making it convenient.