Superintendents' Newsletter

Special Edition XXL: October 2019

District Guide: Read by Third Grade


Designed especially for you! A Districts' Guide to Read by Third Grade.

This Guide is printed for you and is also available electronically at: .

Sections include:

1. District Responsibilities and Resources

2. Parent Resources

3. Legislation

5 Questions Superintendents Need to Ask:

1. What 3rd Grade students are identified with IRIPs? Who are they? What supports are being put into place? What exemptions might they qualify for? How are teachers monitoring progress? What communication has been established with parents?

2. What is our predicted number of students that might be identified for retention (D.T.)?

3. What is our Tier I supports for struggling readers? Tier II? Tier III?

4. How are we utilizing literacy coaching to support teachers/students?

5. What will our process be for exemptions? How will we communicate with parents? How will we want parents or teachers or school personnel to communicate the exemption? email? in writing? drop off at central office?

Reading by Third Grade: How Policymakers Can Foster Early Literacy by Nell Duke

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Ready by Third Grade Resources

Read by Third Grade Document List (in Guide)

Document TEMPLATES for you to MODIFY:

3rd Grade Retention and Promotion Processes for Districts

This describes the good cause exemptions, portfolio requirements, alternative assessment.

Good Cause Exemption District Responsibility Checklist

Includes dates and requirements the district must meet.

Retention Notification Letter

Letter that must be sent home to parents after CEPI notification.

Good Cause Exemption Request

Form the parent fills out to request exemption.

Approval for Good Cause Exemption

Letter district sends to notify parents of promotion.

Denial for Good Cause Exemption

Letter district sends to notify parents of denial.

Student Portfolio Cover

Information to include in the portfolio and exemption approval.

Poverty Matters Update

Day #2 went great! Your teams should know more about

Strategy #1: Building Relationships

Strategy #2: Decreasing Stress

along with a good background on poverty, neuroscience, action research and foundations.

Your team got:

Resources including video, slides and resources by email to assist their efforts as they plan to share with their staff

Your team should be working to decide:

How they will share the project with all staff

How they will implement Strategy #1: Building Relationships

How they will implement Strategy #2: Decreasing Stress

Thank you for the Superintendents that could attend!

Debrief * Thoughts * Suggestions

Linking Walk Facilitator Support Network-Save the Date

We continue to support Linking Walks! We have a shared google sheet that allows the Curriculum Director's to put in the dates of their Linking Walks and get volunteers to assist and attend.

Career Quest a BIG HIT!

Genesee County's First Ever Career Quest

Wednesday, October 23rd


3,000 students

45+ schools

180 chaperones

50+ vendors

110 featured careers

50 special guests

6 counties

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MDE Continuous Improvement Conference

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