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Osiris became ruler of the land, but he was tricked and slain by his jealous brother, Seth. Isis, who had been continually searching for her husband, finally located it. After some adventures of her own, she returned the body to Egypt, where Seth discovered it, cut it into pieces, and scattered them throughout the country. Isis had already given birth to her son, but according to the Egyptian Hymn to Osiris, she conceived him by the revivified corpse of her husband.


642 Ancient Period


He was born in Rosetau. He was raised in Nysa. As an adult he traveled over all of the two kingdoms of the Nile.


He was important because it gave them hope for the afterlife or rebirth just like how Osiris was brought back to life by his wife and her sister. Also believed it because they hoped Osiris could bring light to the land and they could too be able to go to the after life.

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