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Take a look at our eBook collection by going to:

Click on Catalog

Click on FollettShelf (left on page)

I am currently adding all teachers into Destiny so you can have the opportunity to log in and check out eBooks! You will log in by using the following format:

username: first initial last name

password: nce

The librarians in the district have decided to share our collections so we have access to a much larger number of eBooks than we previously did. Take a look! I have tried to go through and hide books that were written for a more mature audience but if you find something you think I missed let me know.

If you have any questions or need assistance of any kind don't hesitate to ask!

Logging into Destiny


Don't forget to keep sending me pictures of the technology that is being used in your classroom! You can snap a picture of a student on their Chromebook, a project that was created using technology, or maybe your whole class participating in a Videoconference, etc.

I will also come to your classroom and take a photo or two. Just call me and I'll be there!

End of the Year Reminder - **Only for those leaving the district**

Since we are approaching the end of the year I need to remind staff members who are leaving the district to make sure you transfer ownership of documents and folders used by your grade level to others on your team. If you leave and are the sole owner of the item, your account will become disabled and those you have shared items with will no longer have access to them.

Also, make sure to create copies of certificates you have been awarded in Eduphoria. The Technology Dept. has said they WILL NOT print certificates for you.

You will not have access to any of your New Caney ISD accounts after June 12 if you are leaving the district.

Library Reminders - 2nd-5th Grades

This year we have seen a dramatic loss of basic library skills in our students. When we do see the students, we stress the importance of being responsible and using the Library appropriately...but we need a little help. We created a small sign for you to place in your room that goes over some of our basic Library procedures.

If you could take just a few seconds to display it somewhere and use it to remind students about these points, we would greatly appreciate it. Look for these in your boxes soon.

We will also be passing out Library Passes for you to use in the near future. These will not only help teachers keep track of the number of kids that are in the Library, but it will also help us know where students are coming from and what grade they are in. These will also be great on the days you have a sub in your room so they can better keep track of students.

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It is a new 9 weeks! So, please take a moment to fill out this survey for our upcoming Wired Wednesday Trainings. This will let me know what you would like to know more about. I will also try to create more online trainings so you may view these at a time that is more convenient for you. I just need to know what to cover!

The first three to fill out the survey will win a FREE book!! Don't miss out.

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Animals in Space and Other Cool NASA Stuff!

Wednesday, April 8th, 9:30-10:15am

This is an online event.

Presented by: National Archives Fort Worth (NARA)

Target Audience: Grades 3-6

Cost: FREE

Registration Deadline: 4/3/2015

Website to Register: Event Link

Do you think NASA wanted to send a pig into space? What did the original space suits look like? Find the answers to these questions and more by exploring historical NASA documents from the National Archives at Fort Worth. Learn about the development of the space program through records that were created for the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions. Please visit the following site to download the documents that will be used in this program:

Adventures of Peter Rabbit and Friends

Thursday, April 23rd, 10:30-11:30am

This is an online event.

Presented by: George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

Target Audience: K-3

Cost: FREE

Registration Deadline: 4/17/2015

Website to Register: Event Link

Listen to the exciting stories and adventures of Peter Rabbit told by “Miss Teresa” Mauer, a talented storyteller affiliated with The Beatrix Potter Society. The stories are about Peter Rabbit and his adventures with his famous cousin, Benjamin Bunny. An added treat will be a story about Mr. Jeremy Fisher. Peter Rabbit will be on-stage, too!

Character Counts: President Bush Growing Up

Thursday, April 23rd, 12:30-1:30pm

This is an online event.

Presented by: George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

Target Audience: Grades K-3

Cost: FREE

Registration Deadline: 4/17/2015

Website to Register: Event Link

This program features presenter and singer Bobbee Pennington, a song writer and a Youth Services Librarian at the Clara Mounce Public Library in Bryan, Texas. Highlights from President Bush's childhood and youth will inspire students to consider how to grow up to be president or how to be the best citizen possible. The stories and songs enhance the theme of character development. Joining together in music, movement and folktales "with a twist" will also help to meet several curriculum standards.