When You Reach Me

By:Rebecca Stead Projet By:Brooke Buswell Period 1-2


This is Miranda she is the main character. She is 12 years old and she loves to read. The story is also being told by her point of view.


every day after school normally Miranda makes note card with words on them so her mom can study them because Miranda's mom is entering a TV game and if she wins she wins money and they really need her to win because they need money. Also Miranda's mom hates her work.


Richard is from Germany his right leg is shorter then his left leg. He is dating Miranda's mom.


When Miranda's mom gives her the brand new markers it made Miranda know that her mom believed in her.


Miranda was in pre-kindergarten and her best friend Sam was there whit her. It was naptime and they were laying down with there feet toughing each other. But, now they don't speak at all they are both 12 now and they have there own lives.


the theme of the story was that if you do some thing nice you will always get something out of it as long as it is nice.

Book recommendation

I liked this book because of the characters they reminded me of my family so I connected with this book. I think any one will enjoy this book.