Hoopla Hospitality Suite

Tower 3 - Room 1793

Come by and meet your Mint Jewelep sisters!

Is this your first ever Hoopla? Not sure where to go or what to do? You are NOT ALONE! Come by the suite and we'll show you the ropes. Plus it's a great way to find a “buddy” if you didn’t didn't come with someone.

Are you are a Hoopla regular? This suite is for you too. Half the fun of Hoopla is getting to see all the friends you've made over the years. So come by and lets love on each other! Hugs for everyone!

Mint Jewelep Hospitality Suite

Friday, July 6th 2012 at 9am-9pm

333 O'Farrell Street

San Francisco, CA

Tower 3 - Room 1793

Here's the schedule

  • 9:00am-3:00pm Open house for all Mint Jeweleps. We'll have soft drinks and munchies.
  • 3:00pm-7:00pm We'll all be looking at the New Fall Collection!
  • 7:00pm-9:00pm Bring your take-out back to suite and we'll all order our jewelry together (we'll have a list of walking distance places where you can "Take Out"). Of course it's not a party without wine!

Can't wait to see everyone and make new memories!