Walt Disney

A Biography by: Tyler Drewniok

Basic Information

  • Walt Disney was born (1910-1966)
  • Creator of Disney Land
  • Home town Chicago, illinois U.S

Early Childhood

  • When he was born he moved to Marceline , Missouri.
  • He enjoyed art when he was a kid.
  • He had 5 siblings Four boys and 1 Girl

Walt Disney effect on the world

He made a effect on the world and he made peopole happy.

He Had a positve impact on society becuase of what he did for people he has created enjoyment for many ages.

Walt disney was a happy guy he wanted everyone to be happy.

He remindes us to keep dreming so ur wish can come true.

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Was a Brave Man And took risks

Walt disney is a brave man he took many risks like trying to join the army but he was under the age so he could not join.

Disney land was a big risk to becuase he it caused him a lot of money but the theme park was a succes.

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How Walt Disney Died

Walt disney died in Burbank, CA

He died on December 15, 1966

He died at the age of 65

He died becuase of lung cancer

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