Sunset Valley Elementary 9/8/17

Jaguar Corner

Hello Jaguars!

  • This has been a very busy week for everyone!
  • Please be on the look out very soon to sign up for Parent-Teacher conference times.
  • Parenting is a hard job. Teaching is a hard job. Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of our students. You are your child's first teacher. You know them better than anyone. Thank you for partnering with SVE to provide a great educational experience for our students.
  • SVE PTA is off and running! Please consider joining SVE PTA! If you are a business member in our community, please consider signing up your business to support SVE PTA as well. Thank you!
  • SVE PTA Fundraiser, The Read A Thon, is coming soon!
  • Details will be out soon on the SVE PTA Fall Party. This year, the party will be on October 31.
  • SVE staff continue to push themselves to learn more and provide an exceptional education for our kids. Our SVE staff are leaders in R7 and attend many professional development opportunities to enhance their craft of teaching. We attend: Project Lead the Way Conferences, Math Workshop conferences, Autism and Behavior Conferences, Critical Thinking Professional Development, Fine Arts professional development. The list goes on and on! The SVE staff is very COMMITTED to their craft and doing what is best for our students and families. THANK YOU, for all you do.
  • If your family qualified for Breakfast and Lunch assistance last year, please remember to fill out the application link located at the bottom of this newsletter. The current application "expires" in just a few weeks. Please give the school office a call with any questions. We are very happy to help!!
  • Thank you for your patience and focus on student safety at afternoon dismissal. Please know we are having conversations about how to eventually add another entrance to SVE to try and separate cars and buses and make dismissal more efficient and safe. This will take some time, but please know conversations are occurring.
  • We LOVE to recognize our students at our monthly spirit assemblies. These are organized by Mrs. Jenny Johnson, Mrs. Ashley Welch, Mrs. Robyn Padget, and our SVE Student Council Members. Celebrating our students is what it is all about! Our kids are AWESOME!

Note from Mrs. Mahurin

Information about our Lee's Summit Guidance Curriculum from Mrs. Mahurin ​​Beginning of the School Year Parent Letter-SVE

Will you tell us your story about student success through R-7 Story Project?

Do you have a story about your child that you'd like to share focusing on his or her success in school? As part of "The Story Project," Lee's Summit R-7 is featuring personal stories about our students and their accomplishments in school. We are looking for stories about a specific incident or an individual school staff member making a positive difference for your child.

The stories may be about children from birth through high school and may be submitted by parents and guardians of both past and present students. Stories should be 200 words or less and should go to You may also contact Janice Phelan to provide general information, and she will draft your story for your review.

For more information about The Story Project, visit the website.

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R7 Character Trait: Family


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Upcoming Dates

-September 14 - Sunset Valley Day at Papa John's Pizza

-September 18 - 6:30 PM PTA Skate Night at Landmark Skate

-September 19 - JAG Star Day (students wear SVE spirit wear)

-September 29 - October 10 - PTA Read-A-Thon