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Nancy Motley

Session: Be Brave: A Return to the Basics

Our digital world is full of innovative ideas. In our quest to meet all students’ needs with new and effective techniques, the basics sometimes get lost. Our English learners need to read, they need to write, and they need to speak. We’ll identify a routine for learning that brings us back to these fundamentals. I hope you’ll be brave enough to try it.

Nancy is an educator and loved for her book entitled Talk, Read, Talk, Write: A Practical Approach to Learning in the Secondary Classroom. Motley continues to add to the field through her consultancy and crisscrosses the country to share her message of belief in English learners and supports teachers who serve them.


Larry Ferlazzo

After viewing "Social Emotional Learning", join us for a Q&A session hosted by Carol Salva and Tan Huynh.

Larry is an award-winning educator, author of eight books on education, community organizer, radio host of an education podcast, and acclaimed blogger who contributes to the New York Times, the British Council, ASCD's Educational Leadership, and Language Magazine.