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God, Common Figure, and Holy Book

They believe there is one god, called Adonai

Jew's Common Figure is the prophet Abraham

They also go by the holy book called the TeNakh

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The TeNakh is the Jewish holy book

Key Beliefs

The Jews believe in the 10 commandments which is a series of 10 rules given by the prophet Abraham

They also believe in the Thorah which is a part of their holy book, the TeNakh

Practices and Rituals

A ritual is Shabbat which is basically the day of religion

They also believe in Hanukkah which is when people blow out one of eight candles to symbolize thankfulness

This is a picture of the eight candles of Hanukkah

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Place of Worship & Worship Leaders

The place where Jews worship is at a synagogue

At a synagogue the worship leader is a Rabbi


  1. Judaism
  2. Orthodox
  3. Conservative
  4. Reformed

Holidays/ Holy Days

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This is the common holy site of the Jews too