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August 2015

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USD 495 Technology Websites

USD 495 Technology Home Page -

Ft. Larned USD 495 YouTube -

Contains videos tutorials as well as videos related to district events and class activities.

USD 495 Tech Integration Websites

USD 495 Tech Integration Home Page -

This website provides new information from the technology office as well as the new resources shared out via Pinterest, Website Wednesdays and more. You will also find resources to help you become familiar with the Mac computer and Google Apps For Education.

Tech Tidbits Blog -

This blog focuses on topics related to technology in the classroom. Posts have included helpers on getting started with blogging, tips on specific web tools and apps, and more.

Website Wednesdays -

Each Wednesday, Ms. Lehman emails out 5-7 web links to the USD 495 staff. The links may lead to educational articles, professional development opportunities, and web tools to use with students. This Diggo link will take you to the collection of past websites showcased on Website Wednesdays. As you are browsing through past web links, you can filter them by the pre-set tags.

Tech Nuggets Flyer -

This monthly newsletter contains updated information from the USD 495 Tech Department including technology changes, tech ideas from other USD 495 classrooms, new apps, video tutorials, Tech Tidbit article summaries and the monthly Website Wednesday sites.

USD 495 Tech Integration Pinterest -

This Pinterest account contains 50+ boards linking educators to technology and classroom resources. Boards include Augmented Reality, QR Codes, Blogging, Chrome & Chromebooks, Genius Hour, Google Apps, Education Quotes, Teaching Motivation, and more.

USD 495 Tech Integration Facebook -

Ms. Lehman shares out various technology articles, tips, how-tos and other resources for any with a passion for technology, technology integration and education.

USD 495 Tech Challenges Group -

This is a new closed group on Facebook designed for USD 495 educators to share their responses when completing various technology challenges presented via online and face-to-face learning. You do have to request to join this group.

District Web Based Subscriptions

Atomic Learning - Atomic Learning is an online technology training and professional development tool for educators and students. Atomic Learning covers a vast variety of applications, online tools and hardware - like iPad and Chromebook use. Here are some tutorials to help you get started:

A. Atomic Learning Site Tutorials

Study Island - Study Island is an online standards mastery and test preparation program built from state standards. The goal of the program is to earn a Blue Ribbon, or "pass" every topic. If a student passes every topic, he or she has demonstrated proficiency in all areas tested. Study Island is available to students in grades 5-8.

IXL - A comprehensive, standards-aligned math and language arts practice program offering unlimited problems in thousands of skills. One of the best things about IXL is that students can access it from school and from home! IXL is available on the computer and iPad. At present, IXL math is available to students in grade K-8.

FASTTMath - FASTTMath is an individualized learning progression to help every student master their math facts with speed and accuracy. FASTTMath is available to students in grade K-8.

Student Access -

SMI - SMI is a computer-adaptive mathematics test that provides a measure of students' readiness for mathematics instruction in the form of a Quantile measure. SMI helps you determine the student placement in FASTTMath. SMI is available to students in grade K-8.

Using the Scholastic Math Inventory Manual

Student Access -

Flourish - Online software connected to the Math Trailblazers textbook used in grades K-5.

*If you need assistance logging into any of these programs, please contact the Tech Department.

Needing Assistance?

Help Desk

1. Go to the website

2. Enter your username and password (this is your email login information)

3. Choose the type of ticket you need:

  • IT Ticket
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4. Fill in all information with an asterisk next to it and click submit.

Tech Department Contact Information


Tech Office - 285-8451

At the high school, you can contact us via the following extensions:

Mr. Schneider - 155

Mrs. Lane - 134

Ms. Lehman - 154


Mr. Schneider -

Mrs. Lane -

Ms. Lehman -