Coca-Cola in Japan

Martha Flores,Crystal Serrano & Francisca Ventura 4th Period

Coca-Cola in Japan

  • Corporate Name- Coca-Cola Central Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Capitalization- ¥100million (1 US Dollar=100.27 Japanese Yen)
  • Employees-2,500 (as of July 1, 2013)
  • Sales started- July 1962

Info About Japan

  • GDP (per capita) about 36 thousand dollars
  • Imports (partners)- U.S 9%
  • Household Income- Highest 28%, Lowest 2%
  • Government Type- a government with a constitutional monarchy

USA vs Japan

  • Did you know? Coca-Cola sells soup in a can! Bistrone is a nourishing meal on the go, available in two flavors in Japan, while in USA Coca-Cola only distributes coke.
  • Sometimes Japanese don't drink anything with a meal, in that case Japanese drink Coca-Cola as a mid-day snack. USA drinks Coca-Cola with meals and as a mid-day snack as well.
  • Japanese Coca-Cola vending machines are more sophisticated and are touchscreen with many flavors. While USA's vending machines are just push a button and your coke comes out.

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