Stonewall Jackson



  • We will give them the bayonett!
  • Our God was my shield. His protecting care is an additional cause for gratitude.
  • Let us cross over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees . . . .
(said on his deathbed)

Personal Information

Jackson was born on January 21, 1824 as Thomas Johnathan Jackson. His hometown is Clarksburg, WV. Thirty nine years later on May 10, 1863 he died by being accidentally shot in the arm by one of his soldiers then caught pneumonia at Guinea, Virginia. He was married twice. His first wife, Elinor Jackson, died after giving birth to stillborn and his second wife, Mary A. Jackson, out lived him. He was a very religious man, his religion was Presbyterian. His children with Mary are Mary Graham Jackson, died at infancy, and Julia Jackson, lived till age 27. His political view was pro-slavery. He worked as a soldier in the Mexican War, a professor at Virginia Military Institute, and a General of the Civil War. Some of his Major Accomplishments in life are graduating, becoming a general, getting marry, and having kids.


In his free time Stonewall enjoyed getting closer to god and learning new things such as new military techniques.

The Wall

The succession of The South. He heard about the treat of the succession in New England. On April 17, 1861 Virginia succeed from the Union. Jackson was split between staying with the Union or sticking with his state. Finally he chose his state even though he didn't really want to succeed. He chose Virginia over the Union because the failure of the Peace Congress alarmed him.

The first victory for the Confederacy. Him and his men would have been joyous and give them courage to go off and fight the war.

The Battle of First Manassas. In this battle Jackson became famous for his military skills and Quote{#1}. His nickname became "Stonewall" from this war. It became his nickname because he yelled out, "We will give them the bayonet!" and stood there with his rifle pointed towards the advancing Union Army. This battle happened on July 1861.

Spring Campaign of 1862. This campaign was to be lad by General Johnston and himself. They were to attack the enemy at Kernstown on March 23. The attack was fail but, they kept their heads high and won the next.

His Death. While going to crush the enemy, some confederates mistook him as a Union Soldier and shot at him. When Jackson died a few days later, the South was full of grief. Lee say, "I have lost my right arm." and his wife was filled with sorrow. Stonewall died on May 10, 1863.

The Confederacy surrenders. On April 9, 1865 ,General Lee surrendered to the Union by signing a treaty with Union General Grant. The treaty was signed at Appomatox Court House. It impacted the south by changing the way things worked. They were made to give blacks equal treatment. Many generals were also affected by the change of their proffesion.

Friends of Stonewall