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Palms Elementary Newsletter, January 2022

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Dress Warm for Recess

Please bring coats, hats, gloves, snowpants & boots. When temperature/wind chill is above 13⁰, students go outside for recess..

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Holiday Art Projects at Palms

Art teacher at Palms, Dana Wilson, had classes working on holiday projects. Mrs. Wilson says, "We are wrapping up our holiday projects in the art room! Students are as busy as Santa’s elves creating beautiful works of art, from poinsettias to “glowing" string lights, while learning important techniques and elements of art. They are proud of their creations and excited to share them with you."
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December Student of the Month

Palms Student of the Month for each classroom is listed below.

At Palms Elementary, all of our students strive to be motivated learners,

as well as model citizens. Each month we will honor students from

each class who exemplify the following qualities:


  • Student prepares for classroom activities.

  • Student approaches learning with enthusiasm.

  • Student has made steady progress in the classroom.

  • Student has been working to his/her potential.

  • Student completes all assignments and homework.

  • Student has a good work ethic and is diligent.

Leadership/ Citizenship/ Character

  • Student demonstrates respect of self and others.

  • Student assists others in need.

  • Student shows acts of kindness.

  • Student demonstrates a positive attitude.

  • Student displays good conduct.

  • Student is a positive role model by example.

  • Student participates and puts forth full effort in all areas.

  • Student follows school rules.

Palms Noon Aides at Recess

Lunch recess is always a great time at Palms! Students love all the activities that are offered by the noon aides. They create new games and let the students use their imaginations to try new activities each and everyday.
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Staying Connected To Palms Information

The beginning of the school year gets busy for everyone. Keeping up with school activities and events can be difficult. The following are different ways we communicate with parents and the community at Palms Elementary.

Please call the office at 810-676-1350 if you are not able to access these communication tools. We will be glad to help you get connected.

Palms Attendance Line Information

If your child is going to be absent, please call the Palms attendance line, 810-676-1366, . To see attendance policy for East China Elementary Schools, click the link below.

Palms Information

Dear Palms Families,

Greetings from Palms Elementary School! The entire staff offers you a warm welcome and looks forward to the opportunity of working with you and your child.

School Hours:

Building entrance bell will ring at 8:40 a.m. Classes will begin daily at 8:45 a.m. and dismiss at 3:39 p.m. Students should not arrive at school before 8:30 a.m. Latchkey is available to parents who need supervision for their children before this time. The Latchkey program is located here at Palms Elementary.

Arrival Procedures:

· When students are dropped off they are to line up outside the south entrance.

· Mrs. Woodhouse’s Young 5's students will line up outside the door to her room, door #2.

· When the bell rings at 8:40 a.m. the children will be allowed to enter the building. Please drop your child off by the main entrance doors.

Dismissal Procedures:

Every effort will be made to assist your child in getting on the right bus during the first few weeks of school. Any questions you may have concerning transportation should be directed to the bus garage by calling 676-1100.

The turn around on the west side of the building will be for buses and staff parking only. Visitor parking will be located in the parking area on the south side of the building. As a matter of safety, DO NOT park along the sidewalk. This is a Fire Lane. Out of consideration for others, when dropping off students, please pull to the front of the drop–off area and keep the line of traffic moving.

If you are picking your child up from school at dismissal time, grades Kdg-5 will be dismissed out of the doors by the office, door #1. Parents will stay outside of the building during this time. If parents are a few minutes late picking up, students will stay inside the building to wait. However, if your child does need to be released from school during the instructional day, please notify the office in writing. Students will be called to the office when you arrive and walked out to you at the door.


For the safety of your child and to avoid confusion, no child will be dismissed between 3:25pm and the 3:39pm bell dismissal. Please wait outside to greet your child after school as this will ensure a positive and safe dismissal for all children.

Please be sure to check your child’s backpack for notes and homework assignments on a daily basis. We are looking forward to a very productive and exciting school year. Additional information is available in the Student Handbook.


Mr. Scott Westerhof