Counselor Corner Weekly Update

October 5th - October 9th

Digital Citizenship!


As we have entered a new way of accessing our learning, students are on their devices now more than ever! The amazing world of technology gives us great ways to learn, have fun and keep in touch with each other!

However, it is so important that students understand the responsibility they have in being safe, kind, and respectful while doing their online activities. We are all a part of the online community so let's work together to make it a great place to be!

Being a Digital Citizen in an Online Community!

Please watch the lesson below as an introduction to what it means to be a good digital citizen in our online communities!

This information is adapted from the Researched Based Digital Citizenship Curriculum from Common Sense Media

Kinder-2nd Grade Lesson

K-2 Digital Citizenship

3rd - 5th Grade Lesson

3 5 Digital Citizenship

In what ways are students most online?

Want more resources on Digital Citizenship & Safety?

Check out to access a variety of research based information!