The Sun

The sun and its factors. By: Jade Cornielle

The hot boiling sun!!!!!!!!

This flyer is to tell you more about the amazing but hot sun, and show you images of the types of things that occurs on our sun. The sun is by far the largest object in the solar system. It happens to contain 99.8% of the total mass of the solar system. The sun is always know as a huge star, and has many layers to it, read below to find out how in the world our sun is able to give us the energy that we need this very day. (:
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All of the suns layers.

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sun spots, prominence, sun flares, and aurora.

A little more to tell you about the things that happens to an don our sun. (:
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In the image above this is an Aurora also know as a polar light, happens to be a natural light or display in the sky. They are mostly seen in the arctic and antarctic regions. It can be many colors such as blue green like in the picture or even redish colors.

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