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June 2021

May 28, 2021

Dear Manatee Families,

Thank you all for a wonderful year! This year has been challenging, but with challenge comes growth and learning. We are proud of all of our students' academic gains and the dedication of our students, staff, and families.

As we enter the next few weeks of school, our Kindergarten through 2nd graders will take an end of year assessment in Math and our 3rd and 4th graders will take Science.

For the 2021-22 school year, fifteen elementary schools will have the opportunity to provide an additional thirty minutes of instruction each day in support of student learning and our school has been selected.

New student start/end times for next school year will be 8:05 AM to 3:00 PM.

I wish all of you a very relaxing and well deserved summer. Enjoy time with family and friends and I look forward to seeing you all in August!

Dr. Laurie Mearsheimer

Principal, Manatee Elementary

Important Dates

End-of-Year Assessments

*** NOTE Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4 ***

It is extremely important that your child is at school, on time, during assessment days. Please avoid scheduling any appointments on these testing days. See calendar below for dates.

June 2021

June 1 - Math Challenge Competition (3rd, 4th, & 5th grade Mathletes)

June 1-4 - Kinder End-of-Year Math Assessment

June 2 - 3rd Grade End-of-Year Science Assessment

June 3 - 4th Grade End-of-Year Science Assessment

June 4 - 1st Grade End-of-Year Math Assessment

June 4 - 2nd Grade End-of-Year Math Assessment

June 8 - 5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony

June 11 - Early Dismissal 11:50AM; Last Student Day

June 14 - Report Cards Available Electronically (see directions below)

Academic Updates

Accessing Report Cards (June 14)

Navigate to

Enter the username: student's number = lunch number

Enter the password: PreK-Grade 2 - enter the number 1; Grades 3-5 enter child's birth month and day as four digits. Ex. January 7, 2009 would be entered as 0107

Under your child's picture, click Reports Tab

The link can be viewed as a PDF or downloaded and saved

Positive Referrals

Manatee Families!

Here at Manatee we are excited to initiate an End of the Year - Positive Referrals Program! Positive Referrals are earned when students are acknowledged by teachers, staff, and administrators for exceeding Manatee’s expectations which include “Leading the Way” through academic excellence, respect, responsibility and kindness.

The End of the Year - Positive Referral Program will ensure every student has the opportunity to earn a positive referral this year. Having the experience will hopefully inspire each student to earn more referrals in the future.

Having a school-wide program that encourages positive behavior will create excitement at the end of the year and help motivate students in our final weeks.

There will be prizes given to the classroom with the most referrals! Let’s end this year in a positive and exciting way.

May Habit Heroes

Kindergarten: Elida S, Maria M-G, Skyla M, Melanie N, Jenayah D

1st Grade: Alanna D, Dayris S, Caleb J-E, Izabella V-M, Brunielly S-O

2nd Grade: Beatriz O-H, Jorge S-O, Emily C, Joshua M, Sam C, Jonathan D-E

3rd Grade: Caden B, Jared S, Ignacio C, Keysha D, Nadine J, Jayleen L-L

4th Grade: Jissell F, Jeramiah E, Karissa K, Lorenzo C, Andy N

5th Grade: Elisheba C, Oliver L-Q, Sophonie S, Milagros V-A, Maly E


Did you know that collier County Public Libraries have many programs to keep children loving books all summer long. Check out their website,, for virtual story time, arts and crafts and cooking ideas. There are many virtual opportunities including the “Tales and Tails” series where you can visit with a dinosaur, alligators and manatees. Join a virtual trip to the Naples Botanical Gardens and enjoy story time among the flowers. Also, join the Summer Reading Program below and plan on reading your tails off!!! Details to be released soon.

5th Grade ALEKS Math

5th Grade continues to work in ALEKS, an online math program. All students will complete a progress knowledge check the week of June 7. Please ask your 5th grade child to show you their pie chart!

Math Challenge Competition

2021 Mathletes

5th Grade: Bryan A, Evan B, Elisheba-Sal C, Kimberly D-G, Carlos G-C, Darien G-P, Roshaun H, Marcus J, Angel P-R, David G

4th Grade: Jaydyn A, Sefora D, Lorenzo C, Chelsea D, Isabella D-C, Demetrius F, Santiago G-D-M, Damian G, Nestor G-M, Angel G, Perla J-G, Dulce P-R, Angelique S, Mario U

3rd Grade: Zahid B, Alex F, Jaisean G, Lamario L, Jesus C, Jonathan M, Lianna M, Sophia O, Angel P-S, Julissa R, Jahellyn R, Adrian S, Roman T

Mathletes for 3 Years: Bryan A, Evan B, Kimberly D-G, Roshaun H, Marcus J, David G

Math - Summer Practice

Home Support - Flash Cards (Grades 2-5)

Strong number sense, the ability to understand, relate, and connect numbers, supports long term success in mathematics. This includes fluency with basic math facts. Fluency occurs when students are able to provide mathematically correct answers relatively quickly and easily. All students in grades 2-5 have been provided with sets of math fact flashcards to be used for daily practice both at school and at home. The video link provides information for parents and families on how to support building fact fluency with their student as well as suggestions for productive and engaging practice that can be done at home.

· English link:

· Spanish link:

· Creole link:

Leader in Me

Parent Survey

Here at Manatee, we are a Leader in Me school which teaches 21st century leadership and life skills and creates a culture of student empowerment. At this time of the year, we ask parents to complete our Leader in Me survey which helps us learn about key areas of strength and areas of needed growth. Please look for the link in Class Dojo or your email next week. Thank you!


Parents can sign up for Class Dojo at Click on Parent and enter the information requested and then click Sign Up. You will be asked to click on our school and then your child’s teacher, and then select your child’s name. Another way to join is to ask your child's teacher if they can send an email inviting you to join. Please make sure that you have updated your email address with your child's teacher and then check your email for the invite to join Class Dojo.

Student Leader Dialers

The Leader in Me encourages schools to create a culture of student empowerment. Students take on leadership roles in the school. One way that students are showing their leadership skills is by reading and recording phone calls from the school. You have probably already heard several student voices on the recorded phone calls biweekly. Please update your phone number in your parent portal and answer the call!

2nd Grade Recycling

2nd Grade has started a recycling program. Most classrooms have recycling bins and second graders collect it Friday mornings. We thank them for making a difference!


Join the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) for 2021-2022

All parents are welcome to assist with the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).

Call Beatriz Cuellar at 377-7600 to find out how you can support Manatee Elementary. We are looking for parents to be part of the PTO for the 2021-2022 school year.

2020-2021 Yearbooks - ON SALE NOW!

Manatee Elementary School 2020-2021 Yearbooks are on sale now. Send a check to school for $25 payable to Manatee Elementary PTO or order online at, find Manatee Elementary using ID#96139.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

Student Jean's Day every Friday:

$1 = students can wear jeans with a Manatee Spirit Shirt

While supplies last, PTO is selling the following merchandise:

Manatee mask, lunchbox, bottle, lanyards, and hoodies (see pics below)

Leaders Lighting the Way Embroidered Polo Shirts $20 (see form below)

Fundraisers: Smencils are back!

Erasers 2 for $1, Crayons $1, Smencils $2, Smens $3

Now selling smickers $1 & pouches $5!

Extra 2019-2020 Yearbooks For Sale

We still have 2019-2020 Yearbooks available for $15. Please contact the Front Office at 377-7600 if you are interested in purchasing one.

Important Reminders

Daily Requirements

A friendly reminder regarding our school dress code and uniform policy. Jeans are only allowed on Fridays when students bring $1 for our PTO fundraiser. On all other days, students are required to wear the school uniform of Navy or Tan pants, shorts or skirts.

Please be reminded as well that this year masks and ID lanyards are also required as part of the daily uniform.

We appreciate your support in ensuring that students come to school every day in appropriate dress code, with masks and lanyards.

Face Coverings

Given the current recommendation by the Florida Department of Health-Collier, (FLDOH-Collier), all face coverings, including gaiter/buffs, should be a minimum of two layers. For gaiters and buffs, this may mean doubling over by the wearer. Thank you for your attention to these guidelines.


Just a reminder - laptops are still CCPS property and need to be cared for responsibly.

Pursuant to Rule 27 of the District’s Code of Student Conduct, students are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of District property in their possession such as a laptop or other electronic device. The rule provides the following:


  • Students are expected to take good care of school property. Students must assume full responsibility for the care of school property available to them. This includes, but is not limited to textbooks, uniforms, equipment, electronic devices, or library books. These items are issued by school personnel and must be returned to the same person upon completion of the school year or withdrawal from school. Responsibility for the property rests with the student to whom the property is issued.

The cost to repair or replace laptops for irresponsible damage is as follows:

  • Power adapter $48.00
  • Keyboard $95.00
  • Screen $117 non-touch; $231.00 touch
  • Laptop Total Replacement $586.00

Bus Riders

Does your Manatee ride a bus?

Check out the "Where's the Bus" app. Information from CCPS about this resource can be found at

Need help finding your bus route? Click the link below for details.

Nutrition Services Information

***Breakfast and lunch continue to be free at this time***

Vicki Pigott, Manatee Nutrition Manager




Registration for all Kindergarten through 12th grade students NEW to the district will be online.

Head Start and VPK

Did you know?

Participating in quality early learning programs paves the way for learning at school and throughout life. What children learn in their first few years of life—and how they learn it—can have long-lasting effects on their success and health as children, teens, and adults. According to the National Institutes of Health, studies show that supporting children’s early learning can lead to:

  • Higher test scores from preschool to age 21
  • Better grades in reading and math
  • A better chance of staying in school and going to college
  • Fewer teen pregnancies
  • Improved mental health
  • Lower risk of heart disease in adulthood
  • A longer lifespan

CCPS has Head Start and VPK parent pay openings in classrooms at our school and a variety of other locations across the district now and for the upcoming school year. Please visit or call 239-377-0590 for more information. For information on other early learning centers in the area, please visit . Additionally, parents who have concerns about their child’s development (age birth-5) and would like to explore the possibility of early intervention services can contact Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resource Systems (FDLRS) at for a free developmental screening.

Attention MES Volunteers

Although volunteers are currently NOT allowed on campus during school hours, there are some steps you can do now to make the transition back on campus easier.

Please sign up to be a MES volunteer by:

1. Completing and/or updating your volunteer application with the Collier County School District. Even if you were a volunteer last year, this needs to be done every year.

2. All volunteers need to read the volunteer handbook. Volunteers will sign an acknowledgment form provided by the school once we return to campus.