Friday Notes

October 1, 2021

Monday, Oct. 4 - NO SCHOOL and NO ASP

Order Up!

Please be sure to place your student's meal orders for October in your Family Portal.

Homecoming Thanks

We wish to extend a HUGE thank you to our outstanding PTO for such a wonderful Homecoming last week! The soccer games were a blast to watch (a win and a tie!), the temporary tattoos were bright and colorful, the harvest games were engaging, and the food was delicious! We can't wait until next year!

Hosmer Point Field Trip

It might have been a bit overcast yesterday, but that didn't keep Grades 5-8 from getting the most out of their team building activities at Hosmer Point!
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Vermont Center Wreaths Fundraiser

Sent home yesterday in backpack mail with your eldest student, were the order forms for our annual - and much loved - Vermont Center Wreath Fundraiser.

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Thanks from the Kitchen

It takes a lot of maple syrup - about 20 gallons annually - to satisfy our 157 granola-crunching, pancake-stacking, French Toast stick-dipping students!

Many thanks to Blaisdell Mowing and Yardwork and the Knapp and Hannah/Spiritoso Families for your generous donations of maple syrup.

Masks, Water Bottles, and Hair Ties, OH MY!

Please be sure your child(ren)'s cloth masks are laundered regularly, fit well, and that your student has an extra mask in his/her back pack daily.

We continue to encourage the use of water bottles during the school day; we have observed a healthy increase in water consumption when our students have water at-the-ready. Plus, their learning is not interrupted by multiple trips to the water fountain.

Your long-haired students should have a hair tie - or two or three or four - in their back pack. Long hair must be pulled up/back in accordance with the school uniform policy. Mrs. Morrison has completely depleted her stash since she doesn't need them anymore, but your students do!

Let's remember masks, water bottles, and hair ties, OH MY!



1/2 Soccer

Practice: Mondays, 3:15-4:00

3/4 Soccer*

Practices: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:15-4:15


Saturday, October 2: Cambridge Tournament

1:00-1:25: BJAMS vs. Morrisville Yellow, field 1

2:00-2:25: BJAMS vs. FFSC United, field 4

3:00-3:25: BJAMS vs. Cambridge, field 5

4:00-4:25: BJAMS vs. Hyde Park, field 1

Saturday, October 9: BJAMS vs. Stowe at 11:00 am

Game location: Stowe Polo Fields

Saturday, October 16: BJAMS vs. Hyde Park at 10:00 am

Game location: BJAMS

5/6 Soccer*

Practices: Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:15-4:15


Saturday, October 2: Johnson Tournament (MASKS REQUIRED FOR PLAYERS/COACHES)

9:00-9:30: BJAMS vs. Morrisville Yellow, field 2

9:30-10:00: BJAMS vs. Hyde Park, field 2

11:00-11:30: BJAMS vs. Johnson, field 1

Saturday October 9: BJAMS vs. Morrisville Yellow at 11:00 am

Game location: Morrisville Elementary

Saturday October 16: BJAMS vs. Morrisville Green at 11:00 am

Game location: Morrisville Elementary

*The soccer schedule is up on the Morrisville Soccer Club website - please check

Morrisville Soccer Club website for updates.

7/8 Soccer

Practices: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:15-4:30


Thursday, October 7: BJAMS vs. Craftsbury, 5:00 pm

Game location: Craftsbury

Tuesday, October 12: BJAMS vs. Good Shepherd at 5:00 pm [NEW TIME]

Game location: Good Shepherd (Good Shepherd will supply pizza, post game.)

Wednesday, October 20: BJAMS vs. Morrisville at TBD

Game location: TBD


This week at the middle school meet was held at the events field in Stowe, Stowe's only home meet of the season.

Leila Griffith comes in second overall of 42 girls, and in first place for the Stowe team in 11:03. Also helping the Stowe Middle School girls' team to a first place finish was Brooke McCormack in 12:37, Brinley Hirce in 14:04, Lucy Stabach in 15:14 and Avery Tomlinson in 15:51.

Luke Slesar came in third overall out of 61 runners and first for the Stowe team in 10:27, also leading the Stowe Middle School boys' team to a first place finish.

This is the third consecutive meet that Leila and Luke have placed first for the Stowe Middle School girls' and boys' teams.

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BJAMS Ski & Ride Program

Unfortunately, the BJAMS program has been cancelled for this year. We're hopeful for a return to the mountain next year.

~ Mrs. Silveira

ASP Corner

All the "Wright" chords were struck during ukulele and guitar sessions! There were new learners for both instruments. It was so popular and well-attended that we may even have another round later this year. Stay tuned!

Be sure to register for ASP in October.

Click on the ASP Registration button at the bottom of this newsletter.

Nurse Notes

Fire Prevention Day - October 9

In keeping with National Fire Safety Day this month, this edition of Nurse Notes will contain a little bit of information and some suggestions for prevention and safety as outlined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the American Red Cross.

First and foremost, prevention is key; but sometimes things just happen. Having working smoke detectors on each level of your home – especially outside bedrooms - can dramatically increase your family’s chances of making it out of a house fire unharmed. If a fire should happen, get everyone out as quickly as possible, and call 911 to alert emergency responders.

Fires spread faster that one might imagine, the average home fire can become unmanageable in as little as two minutes, and there are a lot of moving parts to consider in that very brief span of time. Pets, children, specialized equipment (diabetic supplies, oxygen, etc.) all need to be a part of your family’s escape plans.

Having an escape plan can dramatically increase your family’s chances of surviving a home fire. To maximize success, the American Red Cross and NFPA recommend practicing your escape routes at least twice yearly to gain that “muscle memory” that comes with repetition. Each room of your home should have at least two escape routes in case one becomes blocked by fire or smoke. Always check the temperature of a door before opening it if you are trying to get out, if the handle or door feel warm to the touch, don’t open it, use your secondary route out of that room – usually the window. If you cannot get out of the room, put wet towels or other thick fabrics under the closed door to block smoke from entering the room you are in. It is also suggested that there be flashlights and/or a brightly colored large cloth or flag that can be directed at or out a window if someone should become trapped in a room due to smoke or heat from a fire. The NFPA also suggests placing “pet alert” and “child/elder alert” stickers on exterior windows, especially for second floor rooms, visible to rescuers.

The number one and two causes of home fires in the US are from cooking and heating appliances. Having a fire extinguisher in your house can help reduce the risk of a fire spreading. Check with your local Fire Department for advice on how to use a fire extinguisher and what kind(s) you should have. They may be able to take the time to demonstrate how to operate a fire extinguisher. You can also find good information on how to use an extinguisher, and the different type ratings from videos hosted by the American Red Cross.

The holiday season will soon be upon us, and with it comes an increased risk of unintentional fires from seasonal decorations involving candles and extra outlet usage. Always check the cords and wires of plug-in type decorations for wear and tear, and discard or don’t plug in any items with deteriorating wire coatings or visibly frayed wires. Try not to overload outlets and remember to not plug an extension cord into a surge protector unless you know for certain they have the same load bearing capacity. Don’t plug high-capacity appliances like toaster ovens or space heaters in to an extension cord, always plug directly into a wall socket.

Please click here for more information on fire safety and prevention from the American Red Cross.

Coming Up Next

October 4 - No School - diocesan in-service day

October 12 - Picture Retakes

October 21 - Half Day (family conferences) - dismissal is at 12:00 sharp

October 22 - No School - staff in-service day

October 29 - Trunk or Treat - stay tuned for details

Community News

RJ Run with Rice Memorial High School

Join the Rice Memorial High School community on October 10 for its annual RJ Rice Run. This 5K run/walk weaves around the neighborhood surrounding Rice and raises funds for Rice athletics, all while honoring legendary Rice teacher and coach, RJ Noonan '49. The race starts at Rice at 11am. ALL OUR WELCOME! Pre-registration is $25/adults and $10/students (race day registration is $30/adults). Sign up at
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