By: K. Gillen

The Beginning of Daoism

Daoism was created in 600 BC by Laozi, who was the old master. Daoism was one of the Big Chief beliefs. The believers prayed/worshipped in private, so scientists can't find out what they worshipped and how many people worship Daoism. Daoism originally was a philosophy, it included worship of dead nature gods and the search for immortality. Huangdi-Yellow Emperor- made many elements of Daoism. The next development came directly from the gods. They sent teachings directly to a holy man, Zhang Daoling. He was the first Great Celestial Master, his religious movement was called "Way of Celestial Masters" or "Way of the Five Pecks of Rice."

Daoism Gains Power

After the Celestial Masters, Daoism began to grow in power and believers. In 215 AD, Daoism became a official religion. Over time, they practiced more and more. They soon began to practice alchemy, ancient science,and substance change. They made lead, gold and other substances. In the 5th century, The Way of the Celestial Masters made the practices more in line with the Buddhists.

A Person's Lifestyle

People can live a good life if only they live in a disciplined society that has moral-self cultivation. The politics of Ancient China was unnecessary, in an otherwise brilliant civilization. Daoists focus on living simple. They believed in being connected to nature. They believe that their with words, thoughts, and symbolic actions can make things in the real world change.

Becomes a State Religion

After Daoism changed to be more in line with the Buddhists, it helped them greatly to become a state religion. Even though they were only a state religion for a little while, it still impacted them greatly in power and number of people. When the Tang Dynasty was formed, this was a big moment in Daoism history. The founder of the Tang Dynasty claimed to be Laozi’s descendent (the creator of Daoism). He used the Daoism sacred text to rule for civil service.

About Daoism

Daoism is over 2,500 years old and is still worshipped today. Dao is the “way” that Daoists believe the world was created. In the early 12th century, The Celestial Masters changed their name to The Way of the Orthodox Unity.