Natural disasters!

By : Libby Naylor


Earthquakes destroy Central America . For example the 2010 earthquake in Haiti . It was very hard for Haiti to come back to what it looked like before , and it still doesn't look the same.Tons of land, buildings,houses,etc was damaged in the earthquake, although many organizations have tried to help out, it will be vary hard to make it the same. Families were torn apart , citizens were left without shelter, and the food supply dropped dramatically.


Volcanoes are very common in Central America . They are formed along the "ring of fire".Some volcanoes don't even have a record of their last eruption, and others are still active! The vast percentage of damaging volcanoes stand in Costa Rica,El Salvador , Guatemala,and Nicaragua. Some results include people stranded from their homes , debris and volcanic ash, and burning surrounding areas.


Floods are truly devastating to parts of Central America . The come in and wipe out land, people, buildings,etc. An example is a flood that occurred in El Salvador in 2009, 199 people killed and 76 missing. It left $239 million in damage, as you can tell that's pretty bad.

Volcano located in Costa Rica

Earthquake In chile


Earthquake solutions

Tons of organizations come together to help out earthquakes. They brings fresh water because a lot of the the water is contaminated with debris. Many companies also excused them from paying bills,taxes,etc because of how many buildings and houses were destroyed and damaged.they flew in to bring food also because of very scarce food supply so they could survive, also provided shelter so they would have a place to stay.

Volcano solutions

They can keep all heating and air condition units off, and doors and windows closed to keep ashes and gases out of their house. Also they should not drink any water contaminated with volcanic ash, purchase bottled water or wait for bottled water from tons of organizations coming to bring fresh water and food that way they can keep healthy.

Flood solutions

First of all have common sense and don't drink the water, even if you are super desperate wait a little while drinking it will make you very sick and can potentially kill you , help will come.check for structural damage (if your house is still up that is) to make sure if you re enter It won't collapse.

An organization helping out with the Haiti earthquake

The Red Cross after and El Salvador flood