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March 26 - 30, 2018

from Bret-

Learning Coaches meet next week (agenda is here).

Parents of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students may call the Springfield Cardinals box office and purchase tickets near their child’s seat. The Cardinals do not guarantee they will be able to sit next to their child.

Reminder to send me the numbers of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders eating at the ballpark for the Cardinals field trip ASAP. The cost of the lunch is $2.45.

Delta team met this week and you should reach out to your representative if you have questions about items discussed.

We will begin interviewing again for the Sunshine and Harrison principal openings next week.

Change the story, change the culture

Stories are the fuel for innovation. If you want to help people embrace a new narrative, the best way is to create that new narrative together. And you don't have to wait the until next year to change your story and culture.

Tip of the Week - From Learning Development

SPLS must be collaborative with trust & collective responsibility. What might you predict matters most in teams? This link summarizes Google’s recent study on their most effective teams. Was your prediction confirmed in their findings?

One of the first steps in building a collaborative culture is prioritizing time for teachers to work together. As you plan for your site’s schedule in 2018-19, how might you carve out time for SPLS teams to meet together?

This is the first of multiple tips you’ll receive as you prepare to attend SPLS Work Days. Thanks to each of you who already submitted the form choosing your date and attendees. If you haven’t yet, you can click here. We look forward to a day of reflecting, planning, and learning together!

LEARNING MODELS The Characteristics Of A Good School

What would you add to this article based upon your school: Good schools ...

from J-

This morning (Friday) proved to be more exciting than desired at Fremont. If you didn't hear, burglars broke into the school early morning and tripped the alarms. It appeared they did not leave the building, So SPS officers were joined by SPD officers and a K9 unit to thoroughly search the building. This took a couple of hours, and we got to the point we were ready to shift to an alternative school setting. This involved building services, transportation, and the staffs of others at the alternate location (not a school, by the way). Fortunately, just minutes before we put the relocation plan in place, the suspects were taken into custody, the building was cleared by police, and we were able to start school as usual. I share this simply to reinforce the need to have your crisis plans and alternative plans in place and ready to move on.

Concerning hiring, if you have open positions, please be actively working in a timely manner to fill the positions. If there is a hold-up on the district end, please let me know as soon as possible so I can work to support filling these as timely as possible with the best applicant.

Happy last week of March! Be amazing for your staff, students and community!

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