St. Matthew School

November 2022 newsletter

Putting Others First

Dear St. Matthew families and supporters,

Our monthly theme was "You First" putting other's needs before our own.

We prayed for our seminarians and for vocations during the first week- Vocations Awareness Week.

We helped one of our own families that suffered a house fire.

We prayed for the intercession of St. Margaret of Scotland, St. Albert the Great, saints to be with us on our journey.

Thinking of others first is a great way to be like Christ.

Angie Palmer


Catchphrase of the Month

You First

Our theme this month revolved around two bible verses
  • Matthew 20:16- So the last will be first, and the first will be last.
  • Philipians 2:2-5- Then make me truly happy by agreeing wholeheartedly with each other, loving one another, and working together with one mind and purpose. Don't be selfish; Don't try to impress others as better than yourselves. Don't look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too. You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had.

We did several activities and crafts, which helped us remember to put others first.

Student of the Month

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Congratulations to Bravery Weaver in 1st grade for being our student of the month. Bravery is a kind, responsible, and loving classmate and friend. Thank you for living the Cardinal Way!

Classroom news- 3rd grade

Living our Faith

Students spent time with Jesus this month in a special way during adoration.

Welcome to the Faith

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Braylea and Leighton Jansen (and their younger brother Noah) were welcomed into the church on Nov. 30 through the sacrament of baptism. We are so happy to celebrate this day with you!

Middle School Honor Roll

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We would like to congratulate our students who received honors this trimester.

High Honors- All A's

Honors- All A's and B's

Behaviors for honors need to have no office referrals or major discipline issues.

6th grade Honors-

Jesse Damasaukas

Isaiah Lee

Ely Weber

7th grade Honors-

Brayden Crampton

Bella Garcia

Leah Hanson

Jordyn Perez

Paxton Sterner

8th grade Honors-

Ava Crampton

Yannis Eby

Brianna Gregg

Riley Oas

Ryan Riera

6th High Honors-

Taylor Anderson

Mallorie Larson

Presley Murtaugh

Zoey Oas

7th grade High Honors-

Ally Martin

Livi Olson

Ethan Vaughn

8th grade High Honors-

Tory Adams

Charlie Barnes

Brayden Mauro

Brigid McFall

AJ Oberdin

Emmy Toledo

Thanksgiving Feast

Our annual Thanksgiving feast was filled with sweet treats for all to enjoy.

Parents, grandparents, and friends gathered to spend simple time together.

Thanks to our PTO for coordinating and for your help.

Sharing our Journeys

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This month's sharing our faith story came from Deacon Tim Koziel. He talked to our students this month about his faith and shared with them his "God box" that is used for prayer intentions. We are thankful for his time and for being a great witness of faith.


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A big thank you to Parishioner Fran Gallo who has been volunteering to provide security at our school masses. He has taken another position somewhere else and is no longer able to volunteer. We are very thankful for the time you gave us to keep us safe!

Thanksgiving Reader's Theater

Mr. Eversole's 5th graders shared the story of Turk and Runt, two turkeys and their quest to be saved from being Thanksgiving dinner. They did a great job of adding energy and made their audience laugh. Thank you PK, K, and 1 for being such a great audience!


As the 5th graders were studying Early Americans of all types, they researched and created their own artifacts and shared with their prayer partners and all of building 2.

Testing Results

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The data collected above is from School Year 2021-22 comparing the entire public school system in the state of Nebraska, Bellevue Public Schools, and St. Matthew's scores in reading and math.

The public schools test students in 3-8th grade and use the NCSCA as their summative assessment. We use the STAR test. While the testing is not exactly the same, they are still both connected to performance based off the state standards.

The tests look for proficiency of those standards in the areas of Reading and Math. The results above show the percentage of students that are at or above proficiency.

While this is not completely 100% apples to apples comparison, it does give us a good picture of the great things being done at St. Matthew.

A big thank you to all our parents for their support at home and to our teachers and paras who work tirelessly every day to help our students grow! It surely shows!

Happy Advent

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Save the Dates

All School Christmas Music Program December 6th at 6:30

Mardi Gras February 18, 2023

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