Hawaii amakihi

by Nicholas Norton

The Life of Bill (Rip Off of Pi)

My name is Bill the Hawaii amakihi. If it isn't obvious, I live in the best place on this small world: Hawaii. I enjoy my life in Hawaii as a bird. I've been noticing that a lot of my distant cousins are dying, yet I live. This intrigues me, but I'm too busy to seriously ponder this seriously. I'm a bird, not a Zoologist. Now, onto my life and habits of life.

I eat to survive, as simple as that. When I see that there is some competition, I will go somewhere else and hopefully, I will be able to that new habitat and get used to the new grub. But currently, I enjoy eating nectar predominately from the flowers of ohia, mamane, native, lobelias, etc. {2} I also enjoy the bug meat that I tend to find in the trees. {2} If I were to move to a different location, my diet habits would change, but due to where I live, I eat these things.

I tend to live on the islands you humans called the Big Island, Maui, and Molokai. {1} However, I've heard ancient stories of birds like me who lived on Lanai, but it's been years since any of my relatives have been there. {1}I can live just about anywhere, from near the sea to around 2,000 ft. high from the sea. Typically, I'm a forest bird. Regarding my favorite time of year, nesting season, my "partner" and I make nests typically made out of the finest of grasses and lichens. We tend to have 2-4 eggs in the next. Incubation takes forever, lasting about two weeks, and nestling lasts for about 3 weeks. {4}

For years on years, everything was fine. But then everything changed when the humans "attacked". Now when I say attacked, I don't mean that they were going to wage an all out war on us birds. However, you tend to ruin a lot of our habitats by putting these things you call "buildings" by cutting down our trees and put in this grayish stuff that won't leave us for years to come. Plus, everything around us is getting hotter and hotter while my friends are getting fewer and fewer.

Even though things are getting rougher and rougher for us as you humans are building more "buildings" as you take more of our habitat away, I have a feeling that nature will provide my kind with what is necessary to survive. I mean, as of this moment, we are in the least concern category regarding the status of our species. I know that there is always a chance we die out just like that, but I cling onto the hope of change for the better, even if that does mean my death in the end.

My Adaptive Radiation Experiences

In an article that one of my bird cousins Tweeted®, he apparently decided to explain to me how I'm related to him in any way, shape, and/or form. He told me that it started billions of years ago (I, personally, believe in a God), where there was just one type of being. As time went on, things changed, etc. We know how adaptation and evolution work. However, what he suggested is that as time went on, things changed so much that I'm not as closely related to some of my relatives as I am to him. There are the very first birds with "no evolution" that evolved to the point where we get to my species.

In this article, he personally suggests, through various tests that "no evidence of past hybridization, a phenomenon that remains undocumented in Hawaiian honeycreepers, and confirmed mtDNA and osteological evidence that the Hawaii creeper is most closely related to the amakihis and akepas." {5} Weird how things turn out, right? Anyhow, we're all connected and the word pilina would be used to describe this connection. The word is about how all of life is intertwined somehow are that we're all connected.