Library Scavenger Hunt

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Library Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday, Oct. 8th, 3:30pm

801 S Morgan St

Chicago, IL

Come to the Library Scavenger Hunt to learn how to navigate all your information and research needs. Save money, time, and stress with these library tips and tricks. You'll soon be sharing all your knowledge with your friends and spreading the wisdom.

Think about the demands of school. You need to find the 3rd edition of your Political Science book. The final paper requires 8 scholarly articles. You just spent $400 on books and you're considering paying for that paper you found on Google Scholar. How do you know if you're making the right moves?!?

The library scavenger hunt will teach you how to navigate these issues and more in a memorable and interactive experience. Share the adventure with your fellow peers as you explore and learn about the library together. We'll celebrate with a pizza party at the end where we will announce the winning teams and distribute prizes!

Where do I sign up?

Register to this event by going to

Spread the word and remind your friends to register so we have enough pizza for all!

Richard J. Daley Library

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