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Weekly Update - December 11, 2015

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Mr. Wiley's Weekly Message

On December 8th, the first meeting of the Otsego Parents Advisory Council took place. This committee was formed to facilitate communication between parents and the junior high school. The first topic for discussion was communication. Parents said they used the Weekly Update (which you are using now), the Otsego App, Twitter, and the website. Parents didn’t seem to think a Facebook page was necessary, but maybe an Instagram account might be something to look into since so many students and parents use it.

The parents did say that they loved Google Classroom and how much it helped them keep track of what their child was doing in the classroom. If you are not familiar w/ Google Classroom, have your child show you. The parents also spoke highly of Remind 101.

High praise was in store for Academic Assist. All students end the day with an Academic Assist, where they can finish homework, or meet with teachers for extra help. The goal is to have students doing school work in school with teachers rather than struggling with it at home with parents. I have fought those battles with my own children. It’s much nicer now that they get their work done at school. The one complaint is that parents are not sure if their child actually did get their work done at school. That’s where Google Classroom, the homework webpage (http://otsegoknights.org/homework), and PowerSchool might come in handy.

We also discussed Standards Based Grading, electronic communication between teachers, students and parents, and opportunities for competition other than athletics. Overall, it was a good meeting. We will have another Parent Advisory Committee meeting in January, with an exact date to be determined.


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Wood County Prevention Newsletter

Attention 7th Grade Parents: R.S.V.P Notification

The R.S.V.P (Responsible Social Values Program) will be held in Mrs. Kao’s classroom for three days during the week of Monday, December 14th, on that Monday, Wednesday and Friday (12/14, 12/16 & 12/18)

Responsible Social Values Program is an abstinence based program that has come to our school district for at least the past sixteen + years. Topics discussed during the three day presentation include goal setting, peer pressure, boundaries, delayed gratification, consequences of sexual activity, introduction to STI’s/STD’s (State of Ohio requirement), and respecting yourself and others.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Kao at 419-823-4381 ext. 3122. You can also go to www.rsvptoledo.org for more information about the program.

Thank you!

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Athletic Attendance Policy (See item #4 in Athletic Responsibility Waiver)

To participate in a contest or attend practice, an athlete must be in school all day of the contest unless prior arrangements are made with the principal. In the case of a week night contest, an athlete or cheerleader must be in attendance the entire following day in order to participate in the next contest.

This eligibility policy will apply to any student athletes, managers, statisticians, cheerleaders, and other extracurricular activities at OJHS involving students in grades 7 and 8. The junior high school principal or district superintendent may declare a student immediately ineligible for involvement in a serious offense.


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