Aquacultural Manager

An awesome agricultural job!

About Aquacultural Management

If you enjoy biology and helping wildlife, becoming an Aquacultural Manager may be an enjoyable job. Aquacultural managers have many jobs. Some manage fish habitats by controlling diseases, regulating temperatures and chemical balances, and inspecting the habitats to make sure everything is running smoothly and is suitable for life. Aquacultural managers also work alongside biologists and pathologists to control illnesses. If you become an Aquacultural manager you may even get a chance to scuba dive in order to maintain deep sea farms.

Job Requirements

If you are interested in becoming an Aquacultural Manager there are a few educational requirements that you need to meet. Anyone interested needs a minimum of a bachelor’s degree for most jobs. However, a select few jobs require a master’s degree. You should study fisheries biology, fish culture, hatchery management and maintenance, and hydrology and also take courses in agricultural production, marketing, and economics in college. It is also helpful to be active in FFA and 4-H. This job provides a median salary of $16.62 hourly and an annual salary of $34, 570 in Nebraska.

Careers in Aquaculture

Aquacultural Manager Information

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