Drop Off & Dismissal Information

DeSales Catholic School

Drop Off & Pick Up

In an effort to alleviate dangerous congestion at arrival and dismissal times, we ask all parents to follow these instructions for dropping off and picking up your children at DeSales. Please observe the posted 5 mph speed limit in our parking lot at all times!

Grades K – 8

Morning Drop off

Buses will drop off students at the far door near the Pre-K playground on Ambleside.

· Cars will enter the Parking lot at the Rydalmount Road entrance; stay to the right.

· Do NOT enter the lot at Ambleside Drive.

· Pause briefly near the base of the retaining wall to discharge student passengers (near the Main office entrance). Students will enter the school building through the Main Office entrance.

· Follow the traffic cones and exit the lot at Rydalmount Road; stay to the right.

Afternoon Dismissal

Bused students will be dismissed from their classroom and will gather in the cafeteria organized by bus. They will be dismissed to their bus from there.

· Cars picking up students in grades K-5 will line up on Ambleside at 2:45. Students in this age group will be dismissed from the front entrance doors.

· Cars picking up students in grades 6-7-8 will line up and students will be dismissed at 2:50 from the front entrance doors

· Please do not park on the driveway, or in the traffic lanes of the parking lot to wait for your students.

**For parents picking up - please put a sign/paper in your passenger side window with your students name.

Preschool Classes

Morning Drop-Off

· Park in the school parking lot or, once the school buses have finished dropping off the K-8 students, you may park on Ambleside Drive.

· Please obey the traffic cones and the 5 mph posted speed limit in the parking lot.

· Mrs. Chase’s class will enter through the classroom door.

· Mrs. Mazurek’s class will enter the Main Office door.

· Mrs. Pike’s class will meet in the cafeteria. Please walk with your preschooler to the cafeteria

· To gain access to the school after 8:30am, use the Intercom/Buzzer located outside the Main Office entrance.


Pick-Up for Pre-School

· Cars picking up students will line up on Ambleside in front of the school only. Please do not park on the other side of the island.

· Mrs. Chase’s Pre-K will dismiss at 11:30 at the Main Office door.

· Full-day Pre-K will dismiss at 2:30.

· Mrs. Pike will dismiss at the door closest to the Pre-K playground.

· Mrs. Mazurek will dismiss from the Main Office entrance.

Please Note:

Park in front of the building only. We do not want children crossing the island to the other side of the street.

Please Do NOT use the Ambleside Drive exit during the school day.

Main Office Summer Hours

Monday – Friday 9:00 am - Noon

6914 Chestnut Ridge Road, Lockport NY 14094

Phone: (716) 433-6422
Fax: (716) 434-4002