survival of a freshman!

the year will fly by!

the new kid's project!

well some of you may be able to guess who I am by the sub title of this news letter (the new kid's project) well if you do not know I am Schuyler.. and this isn't going to be the most lengthy news letter you will read this year... from this current moment I've only been here for roughly 3 months.. but i'm still going to try try to help you as much as I can!


the first week I was her my class was just finishing up the book monster by Walter Dean Myers. from the little part I was there for the book sounded phenomenal (and personally I hate to read!). I'm not going to sit here a spoil the book for you but take my word and just follow along with the book and take from what you here or read.

group literature circle (group independent reading)

this project I wasn't too faun of.... but you never know some of you may actually like it? the only reason is that I don't really like to read because it bores me.. but some of you just might get a certain book you just get really into and then you may enjoy this? but what ever you do find a way to stay on track with Mrs.Allen's reading schedule. if she gives you time to read in class take it all. unfortunately the book I got stuck with was call "a thousand words ~by jennifer brown"

homers the odyssey

homers the odyssey was a fantastic story! and for the most part you do not have to read any thing for it. first you learn about the trojan war and how it went down. then you learn about this dude named homer and basically how he's doomed but over comes it.

how whitings class can help you.

mrs.whiting class will always help you pass english 9 because you always have time to type the projects and stuff that you didnt do on time... like about %98 of mine..... it really helps trust me.

5 tips

1. dont be stupid

2.make her laugh

3.get a binder

4.dont yourself in her class its not that bad...

5.just do your work.


"veni, vidi, vici"

"i came, i saw, i concurred"