Era of Change Adan Hernandez


Flappers were the the new woman. They way they dressed with shorter skirts and sleeve-less dresses was against traditional thoughts. The way they acted and behaved was against tradition. It was the birth of the modern woman as we know it .


These was the birth of the consumer. People were earning more money and wanted to spend it all. Advertisements captured people, they show how good their product was. People wanted to buy every thing, it was cheaper and better. Advertisements showed off what they were selling drawing in the consumer


Gangsters were essential to the 1920's. Prohibition was in full swing and people wanted happy juice. Therefore gangster were needed to provided for those people. It was illegal and people didn't care prohibition was almost impossible to enforce. Gangster were getting rich and the people drunker.


A speakeasy was an illegal bar were people came to drink. It was a gangster paradise, people want to drink and not get caught doing it so the speakeasy was born. People could drink with out a care in the world.

Ford's Assembly line

Ford was the company to make the first cheap and mass produced car in the U.S. He did it by using the assembly line. His company, Ford was making Model T so fast that every 24 seconds one mode was done. It made car culture possible and made america move and consumers could buy it

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong was a artist during the Harlem Renaissance , the Harlem Renaissance was black people embracing their culture. Louis Armstrong was a musician, he played the trumpet. He was famous for his music and jazz. He is one of the famous jazz musician of all time