Love Always Works Out

a Timeline of Helena's Emotions


Helena loves Demetrius but he loves Hermia, Helena longs for him so much that she would do anything for him.

Longing and hope

Helena finds out that her best friend Hermia (who her love loves) Is running away with Lysander(Hermia's love). Helena betrays Hermia, and tells Demetrius in vain hope to win his love. Demetrius goes out to find them and Helena follows(as she always does). Demetrius wants her to go away but she follows anyway(It's a bit creepy).

Anger and frusturation

Oberon see's how much Helena loves Demetrius and tells Robin to put a magic flower in an Athenian mans eye to make him fall in love. But Robin puts the flower in Lysander's eye. Oberon tells him that it was the wrong man, so he also makes Demetrius fall in love with Helena. When they wake up their both in love with Helena(leaving Hermia feeling abandoned) and go to tell her their love. When they find her and confess their new found love for her she thinks it's some kind of cruel joke and is very angry at them.


Helena realizes that Demetrius really loves her(Lysander is back to loving Hermia because Robin cured him). And isn't really sure what just happened.

Hope and Some Confusion

Theseus(duke of Athens), Hippolyta(Theseus's soon to be wife), and Egeus(Hermia's father) are hunting when they stumble upon: Hermia and Lysander, and Helena and Demetrius. Theseus see's that they are meant for each other, and decides that they should be married.


She is at her wedding feast, and is about to be married to Demetrius along with Lysander and Helena.

Happy and Amused

While at the wedding feast, Helena watches a play by a bunch of village idiots. It's supposed to be serous but ends up being funny.

Super Happy

Helena is finally married to her true love Demetrius and the play is over.


The theme of this play is that true love always works out. It happens time and time again in this play, with: Oberon and Titania making up, Lysander and Hermia getting married, and Helena and Demetrius getting married.

How Helena experienced this throughout the play was: At first she loved Demetrius more than anything(as she will for the rest of the play) but Demetrius doesn't love her back, and is pledged to Hermia. Helena will do anything to make him love her back(she even betrays her best friend). But a mystical fairy king(which symbolizes fate) see's how much Helena loves him and tells Robin(another fairy) to give him a love potion so that he realizes that Helena is his true love, not Hermia. Robin gives the wrong person the potion, stuff happens, it seems that all hope for their love is lost but, in the end Theseus see's their love and has them marry each other.

When I said Oberon symbolizes fate I meant that, in Shakespeare's world, Oberon is the force that makes sure thing work out, no matter what choices people make.

This play was meant to be entertaining, much of the things that happen in this play don't mean anything to the theme. What this play really boils down to is this: True love will always find a way, no matter what happens, sometimes through huge strings of inconceivable events, it will work out. That is what I believe Shakespeare was trying to tell us when he wrought this play.