The Photograph

By Delani and Zoe

About the Photograph

The earliest known photograph that has been found was taken in the 1800's by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. The photograph gave people access to technology that they wouldn't normally be able to use, and it also gave them the access to things that they wouldn't be able to see. It would make life better for the average citizen by having a more accurate image without having a painter create a painting and have mistakes.

A picture is worth a thousand words... what will yours say?

Why YOU (the consumer) should buy a photograph

There are quite a few reasons that YOU should buy the photograph. If you have something that you really like, then you can get a picture of it taken so you will always be able to have an image of that object, even if you lose the actual thing. It is also good for teaching your young kids manners, since they have to sit still for quite a while. Even if you do get a painting done, it might not look very realistic and/or it might be sloppy and not done well. Photographs are more practical than paintings, since paintings are harder to get perfect. Also, if you want to have an image of someone you love, you can get a photograph of them taken so even after they die, you will still be able to remember what they look like.